News page bug?

I remember before the update when you logged onto the forum that it transferred this log in to the news section now you have to do it on a separate step? Not a big deal but every time I want to go to the news section I have to re log in again just a bit annoying when I am used to staying logged in.

It could be a cookie issue. When I log in at the forum and go to the news section I am also logged in there. You could try and clear your cdfreaks cookies and try again. If that still doesn’t work could you post the exact steps you follow so we can try and reproduce it here?

works for me. :slight_smile:

Will do later today as I have a dental appointment soon.

OK did a cleanup on my PC ran CCleaner then Advance Windows Care Pro. Logged in here and then the news section told firefox 3.06 to save info and it did but then navigated away from cdfreaks server then caame back on the same browser never closed the browser out and my login info is there but I need to hit the login text to post on the news side again.

Hope this explains the issue and what I did to remedy it.

Could it be a cookie issue? Are you able to see if you get any cookies from cdfreaks? Also just for testing could you disable any of these programs. Just to check if they interfere with the website?

Hi they are cleaning utilities so when done they are closed. Yes when I logged in the first time Firefox asked if I want it to remember I said yes. It does so on the forum but not on the news side. It shows my username and pass on the news site but I still need to hit log in. Nothing newly added on my PC either.