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To everyone in the ed2k community

As everyone is probably aware of now, ShareReactor has been taken down by the Swiss authorities.
This was done at the request of several big Multimedia companies, who filed a complaint.
SimonMoon has been detained and questioned by the authorities. His house has been raided and searched for evidence.
The SR servers and some personal hardware have been confiscated.

We will address some basic things now.

Is SR dead forever now?
We don’t know. This is a serious situation, not only for SimonMoon, but for everyone who has something to do with SR.
If SimonMoon prevails in this case, we think he will continue SR. ShareReactor has been his hobby (not his job) for
the past 3 years. Through all the setbacks and complaints he never gave up. One and a half years ago his house was
searched as well, he has received threats, phonecalls and cease and desist letters on a weekly basis, and he never
cut and ran. So if he makes it through this, chances are SR will continue in some form. However, if he loses this
case, he is in serious trouble, and SR will most likely be history.

Why doesn’t SimonMoon tell us this himself?
SimonMoon is under official investigations. It is very likely that he has been told not to communicate with anyone,
in order not to hinder the investigation. Or maybe because he is seen as a suspect and cannot talk because of that.
Or perhaps they want to stop him from telling other people what they should do. Who knows.

So now what?
Now we do what we have been doing. We wait for more information. And hope it all works out.

What else can we do??
People on various forums have suggested donating money for SimonMoon’s legal expenses.
We like that idea, because we want to do something to help SimonMoon through this. The problem is that for that
to happen we need to be sure that he wants it, that his lawyer is ok with it, and that we have someone trustworthy
to collect the money. We will post updates if we worked out a way to do this. Before people start complaining about
asking for donations again, SimonMoon did spend the money on a new line, but the SDSL company is a bit crappy. And that
was the best Switzerland had to offer. As for the forum server, ironically it was finally assembled and ready for testing
early last week. Let’s hope we’ll see it working someday.
Thanks to everyone who suggested donating money for a lawyer. This is not only about SR, this is about the future of many
p2p sites. If SR wins this, then things look a lot brighter than if SR loses and dies. This case will set a precedent for
the future.

Some general notes:

To everyone who said that SimonMoon ran with the money, it may be nice to know that so far SR has only cost SimonMoon a
lot of money. But it was his project so he accepted that. But the kind of hardware needed for the forum required a
We can only hope that an official press release will stop the ridiculous conspiracy theories about SimonMoon.
It has been very hard to stay calm and quiet while people publicly trash your friend like that. He didn’t deserve to be
treated like that. People even posted his address and phone number publicly. How low can you go? Imagine how you would
like it if suddenly everybody with an Internet connection can find your home and can call you in the middle of the night?
Also, imagine how it must have been for him to read all that, after he was detained and questioned, after his house was
raided and emptied by the police. We want to show SimonMoon our full support, and we truly hope this will all end well.
If you want to talk about all this, join SR IRC at, #sharereactor.

Kind regards,

The ShareReactor Crew

[quote]ShareReactor: Schweizer Polizei macht Piratenplattform dicht Betreiber
war ein 25-jähriger Schweizer

Sharereactor: Swiss police shuts down pirate platform. Owner was a 25-
year old Swiss., an online index for copied films and
software that linked to thousands of eDonkey offers has been shut down.
Due to the suspicion of breach of copyright and trademark laws the
cantonal judicial Inquiry department of Thurgau has taken down an
Internet-Site that served as a link platform for filesharing offerings.
A process concerning these matters against the 25 year old owner from
Frauenfeld is underway.

The Internet-Site located in Frauenfeld was online for about 30 months
and last had over 220.000 hits per day before it was taken offline by
the Thurgau officials. The in search engines toprated site worked as an
anchorpoint for links to downloads of copyright and trademark protectet
games and movies that were offered on the filesharing network.

After a complaint from several large corporations, represented by the
Swiss association against piracy (SAFE), the cantonal judicial inquiry
department of Thurgau initiated an investigation, seized the servers in
Frauenfeld and had the site taken offline. SAFE views itself as an
organisation that documents actions that are illegal according to Swiss
copyright laws and passes gained information along to the authorities.
The responsible owner, a 25 year old Swiss proved to be very cooperative
in explaining matters at hand. The inquiries continue and will take some

The whole matter will probably lead to a criminal prosecution consequences
according to the examining magistrate, Christan Affolter. In Switzerland
copyright infringements can lead to a jailsentence or a fine of up to
100’000 Swiss Franks. Additionally to that claims from concerned
companies could be compensated under civil law. In an interview with the
local newspaper, Affolter said that giving indirect access to illegal
content through eDonkey-links is in a legal greyzone, which could of
course affect the outcome of the outstanding legal proceedings.

Translation courtesy of bob_m

2004/03/18 – Update

This morning I received e-Mail from SimonMoon, letting me know that he’s basically doing all right. He now is free again to talk with me, but that does not apply to the rest of you, as far as I know. I asked him how to go about all your questions about donations for his case, here it goes:

Concerning donations for SimonMoon
Basically, he doesn’t think that this is such a good idea at the moment.

However, if you still feel you should donate something, you’re free to transfer with PayPal to but ONLY there! This is really important that you do not transfer your money to any other account or funding initiative, those are inofficial, ONLY the PayPal account is OFFICIAL!

He asked me to tell you one more thing: please consider that a few large donations are much easier to handle than loads of tiny ones when if it comes to fair refunding (after covering the lawyers costs) across all those who donated. Therefore, he would be most happy to receive larger donations from companies or institutions.

In his e-Mail, he also asked me to put my service back online! I shouldn’t worry about any costs on his side and all that (he’s just so nice), but no, Jigle won’t continue, it’s closed.

Christian (

As you all have read, was taken offline and the owner of the page is under investigation. I refraigned from posting anything about this topic before I haven’t spoken to him. This morning he contacted me (and Melange from as both of our sites are hosted on his servers.

“So how will the closure of Sharereactor affect TRW?”

This was the question I got asked the most during the last days. Well, after quite a lot of thinking and receiving input from the supermembers as well as from others, the decision is to remove all ed2k movie links from the site and to close the movie related forums for the time being. As soon as it’s absolutely safe they will return, but as the current situation just is too uncertain, I believe it’s best to concentrate on what this site was about when it started - TV-Shows only.
I’m sorry to be more or less forced to do this, but I believe that it is the best action to take so secure the future of this page.
Additionally, the page is not forced to find a new host and Simon will continue to support and to protect TRW as best as he can.

Regarding donations for Simon to help him pay his legal bills: according to Melange’s News on Simon doesn’t think that this is a good idea at the moment, so I simply won’t ask for any financial support of his - at least not at this point. Those who want to donate anyway can use the information provided on to do so.
Do not use the donations button on this page, although all donations received for my site will go to Simon anyway, if he decides to ask for help. If he won’t ask, the donations will be used to upgrade the TRW server and to support every other ed2k page which might be in need of something.

I hope this covers the most important questions and to prevent lots of messages or mails - I won’t go into more detail about Simon’s case or situation!

Webmaster of TRW-TRP

That’s the “latest” news.
As you can see, SimonMoon indicated to Melange that he rather wants large donations than small ones, and rather from institutions than individuals.

Also, Jigle is now officially dead, TRW and ACF have no ed2k-links anymore, and the webmasters of some other ed2k sites are probably not feeling too comfortable now.

Within the remains of the SR crew we have discussed a plan of action. As we are unable to directly communicate with SimonMoon, we will have to independently come up with something.
Because this is a situation that affects us all, we think it is time to unite the ed2k community, and to set up a site where people can donate for ANY legal fees incurred by ed2k sites, so not just SimonMoon’s. Also that way it’s easier to donate the money in case SimonMoon needs it later on. Legal proceedings take ages and it could be SimonMoon gets sued for damages by companies as well. We want feedback on this subject. For example…do we set up an official foundation for this? What else could we use the site for?
We from SR have a feeling something has to be done by this community. Right now things are too fragmented and this way all sites could be toppled one by one.

Post here, or send me a pm on this board if you have ideas.
Also, we would need a name for the website…so suggestions are welcome.

The donations would be primarily used for SimonMoon’s legal fees…but if he doesnt want them the users should decide where the money goes. (or just refund it).


Not sure if I should post the source as it probably only lead to more piracy…but it’s a reliable source/

Saturday March 20th 2004
“Official” ShareReactor Statement

Dear fellow ed2k users,

Last week, as you all know, SR got taken offline by the Swiss authorities.
One of the organisations behind this raid is most likely Columbia Tristar Inc.
As far as we know the movie “Gothika” got mentioned. It seems that they are trying to create a precedent in Switzerland, ahead of the new EU regulation concerning copyright violations. It seems they want to prevent Switzerland from becoming a safe haven inside Europe. Once again, Swiss Law does not forbid what SR did. But it is a legal grey zone.
SimonMoon’s case will take a long time, from what we’ve heard it could take up to a year. So it is safe to assume SR won’t be back for a while to come. SimonMoon is not allowed to talk to people in the SR community, which is why nobody has heard much from him other than rumors. He is NOT in jail right now, but the authorities do question him from time to time.
As some of you may have read on Jigle, he doesn’t think individual donations are a good idea. We’ve heard that CloneCD might back him up in this case, and if they do that would be a very good development.

As you may have read, Aero, a Danish SR Team Member possibly got busted as well. There is no official word on that, but it seems to be true, because he hasn’t been sighted since March 17th. This basically means that everyone is at risk. Maybe not the average users, but the releasers definitly are at risk. We all hope Aero is allright, but we have no way of knowing.

People close to SimonMoon have indicated to us that the idea for a Foundation, and a fundraiser, to help people who get in trouble over this is a good idea. Simon WILL need money as soon as this goes to court. Contrary to popular belief he is NOT rich at all. Aero might need money to get out of this. More people WILL get busted and we as a community better unite or it will all collapse around us. On your own you are nothing, but together we can make a difference, or at least Help the unfortunate people who take the can for what we all took for granted.

We will set up a domain for a website monday. But we can’t do this alone. We need people for a couple of things.
First of all we need someone who knows how to build a website, preferably a secure one, since there will be a donation section on it. SimonMoon did all that for SR, and he can’t help us now. Somewhere next week there will be a legal foundation set up, that will oversee this all. We want to do this the right way, the legal way. Also, an organisation might stand stronger against what is to come.
We need servers for the hosting of the website.
And we need donations, for when the money is needed. And it will be needed.

This is not about ShareReactor anymore, this is about the future of p2p, and the future of unlucky individuals who get busted and whose lives get ruined by the big corporations. Everyone uses p2p, even the judge’s and police officer’s kids. It shouldn’t be criminal.

If you think you can help, especially with the above mentioned things, then please contact us so we can get this thing on the road. If anyone ever believed that ed2k is a community, not would be the time to show it!

You can reach us on SR irc: #p2p-foundation

or send a PM on this forum