News on Google's OS

Some news on Google’s OS for netbooks is here.

Always nice to have a new, viable player in the field.

This chrome OS works for personal use, on the assumption you don’t mind google having access to absolutely every piece of information you ever create.

What about proprietary information, business and etc?

At any rate, it’s sitting on top of the linux OS :wink:

You can get it here->

I’ll get one if priced under 300-400 for a nice powerful netbook.

I’m digging out that spare PS3 40GB HDD I have and installing GOS … just for $hits & Giggles :smiley:

Nice never thought about putting it on the PS3.


im running g OS live from cd right now, just put the disc in and it started up no problems. im using the web right now with Firefox 3, came installed. sweet. not running bad, will do a full install and see how it goes.

just have to keep in mind this is for Netbooks and surfing the internet, not professional users.

infact this is an older computer ive had sitting around, ive installed XP on it and it runs like crap and i cant find the correct driver for the video card.

but g OS displays nicely. :slight_smile:

edit// i cant believe all stuff thats pre-installed and easily available to download from the add/remove applications window. :slight_smile:

The man says, FIVE reasons why Chrome OS wil fail


[QUOTE=deanimator;2304927]The man says, FIVE reasons why Chrome OS wil fail


Very good article, and I will have to admit it sounds about right.

I believe there are two reasons it would fail are:

  1. It’s not windows.
  2. It’s not a fully featured OS, or at least hides the Linux OS from the user.

a third occurs to me …
3) When linux fails … it DIVEBOMBS … and ends up with a nuclear explosion … that no-one except hardcore, experience linux nerds can recover from.

I suspect it will succeed well, because

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s based on linux, and hence has practically full support of every device ever made (except proprietary hardware developed in the last few weeks.
  3. Google will be there to hold everyones hand while they waltz with Linux … which most people would have been too frightened to do by themselves, assuming they knew about it.
  4. It’s open source … everyone can play with it, and contribute, if they’re so inclined.

Personally, I can see google linux taking over 90% of recent linux converts & attracting 1000% of the current linux userbase from windows, but not hardcore linux nerds.

Screenshots and a short commentary here

[QUOTE=deanimator;2305395]Screenshots and a short commentary here[/QUOTE]
It’s got “fake” written all over it.

I’m not actually kidding, the authors have noted that it’s all fake :stuck_out_tongue: