News on 1GB cd burners?

My favorite photo lab does not take dvds so I would like to make cds that can hold 1gb.

I heard that Plextor makes such a burner?

Anybody with experience or knowledge in this matter? :bow:

Well, the problem with these GB CDs made by Plextor or by an Optorite DVD burner is that compatibility is generally very bad. HD-BURN compatibility is the worst, and pretty much can’t be read by anything other than the Optorite that created it. Plextor’s Gigarec has much better compatibility, but even so, the compatibility isn’t great, especially if you get closer and closer to the 1 GB mark (the burns that are just a bit over 700 MB don’t do as bad compatibility-wise).

So far, HD-BURN (you can be pretty much gauranteed that your photo lab can’t read it) and Plextor’s Gigarec are the only two options here…

For example, I have Plextor PX-708A but I haven’t even thought of trying CD-R’s with it. I don’t recommend such a feature to anyone because it is obsolete. I mean DVD recordable disks have become inexpensive and ubiquitous even in China and India. Persuade the guys running your lab.