NEWS: NEC unveils LSI's for 16x DVD [±R/±RW/RAM], production will start in August

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NEC Electronics has developed an LSI that supports 16x recording for all DVD formats, including DVD±R/RW and DVD-RAM.
The company announced that it plans to produce two million items per month, starting from August. The new LSI will be adopted by Pioneer DVD burners first

The LSI supports 16x recording for DVD-RAM and DVD±R/RW media. Although the 16x recording speed for DVD-RAM has not yet being included in the DVD Forum’s standards, it is expected to be certified very soon.

By the way: I don’t think that it will support x16 DVD±R DL (but it will support x16 ±RW) - correct me if I’m wrong…

Here is the original story (I hate it when websites don’t mention them, credits where they belong!) but you will have to be able to read Japanese.

You’re right. But I think that still deserves some credit for this.

No problem at all DoMiN8ToR… just copy and paste that link into babelfish. :bigsmile:
Then chose japanese to english translation.

DVD-RAM speed is 5x speed…


Credit for not including the original source link?

Anyway, it now seems Pioneer and NEC 16x DVD-RAM Super Multi drives won’t be compatible in any way with Hitachi-LG’s 16x DVD-RAM Super Multi drives since Hitachi-LG uses Hitachi’s own components. World’s six largest suppliers of DVD burners:

LG (Hitachi-LG, HLDS)
Samsung (Toshiba-Samsung, TSST)
BenQ (Philips-BenQ, PBDS)

So only Mediatek hasn’t commited to 16x DVD-RAM and only Lite-On/Sony and Samsung (South Korean part of TSST) use Mediatek.

My own summary of the news release at NEC Electronics:

The LSI set sample packages consist of two components:

μPC3346 set = μPC3346 + μPC63645 for portable devices, low-voltage (3.3 volt instead of 5 volt)
μPC3345 set = μPC3345 + μPC63645 for 16x DVD-RAM (and 16x DVD+RW and 16x DVD-RW)

One sample set costs 5,000 Yen or nearly about US$50.

NEC plans to achieve monthly combined production of two million of those LSI sets. So it doesn’t mean there will be 2 million NEC LSI sets for 16x DVD-RAM. Not sure whether Pioneer’s portable DVD burners for notebooks will also use μPC3346 chipset but the news release says the new LSI sets are going to be used in the recordable DVD drives to be developed by NEC and Pioneer.

Small step ahead.

I hope NEC won’t mind for linking pictures. :slight_smile:

can’t wait for 16x dvdr dl and rw

The news release says nothing about DL.

DL is too darned expensive still!

Still no 8X DVD+RW discs around, so whats the point with 16X burners?

Most people buy 16x DVD+R burners even though 8x DVD+R media are much cheaper and 8x burning is safer for data than 16x burning. That 16x for DVD-RAM and DVD+RW and DVD-RW is added is not practical but most people will buy drives that offer such features if they cost just about the same as 16x DVD writers without them. Meanwhile, some people will wait more for the arrival of 16x DVD-RAM and 16x DVD+RW/-RW media.

As for 8x DVD+RW discs, contact Mitsubishi and you will get some. :slight_smile: (At which cost, I’m not sure.)

Think of it like ICH7 replacing ICH6.

Just because you have 16x media does not meam they HAVE to be burned at 16x. MCC004 burns great at 8x and 12x so I hear.

That didn’t look like an issue above since drives for X speed arrive long before media for X speed. :slight_smile:

I posted this thread in the general DVD recorders forum. :cool:

I posted it there because:

  1. it contains news that would interest various users, not only NEC users (the thread concerns a big breakthough in DVD writers, and a general discussion about that, so it would interest also people that don’t only look for specific NEC news).
  2. it concerns (directly) both NEC and PIONEER, so it isn’t appropriate to post it only in one of the forums (NEc forum or Pioneer forum), and it isn’t appropriate to open two seperate threads…

It was moved to the NEC forum. :confused:
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By the way: I already suggested a “Near-Future Upcoming Models” thread (or sub-forum), that could have been ideal for such discussions, but no one here really thought that it is worth opening…

Do websites always write what are their sources? Also when the source is non-English?
I know that the source is mentioned when the source isn’t the regular-type (conventional) one, or when there is more information there.

I just want to explain myself: I just wanted to credit the English site that brought this information to me. I don’t think that there is an English “formal” source for this news item - so I just posted a site where the English information was published.

I even suggested this news item to be published at the main page, but probably the admin didn’t want it to be published because he is too pride, and doesn’t want it to appear like he’s “stealing” articles from a competitor website… (by the way - I go there only because it has all kind of Tech-News there… But for CD/DVD topics - CDfreaks is the best! :bow: :iagree: )

What do you mean by this incompatiblity due to different components?
I’ve heard (here at the forums) that 16x RAM won’t be compatible with 5x RAM, but now you say that there would be different 16x RAM types? It seems weird!

As I quoted at the beginnig of this thread: “16x recording speed for DVD-RAM has not yet been included in the DVD Forum’s standards, it is expected to be certified very soon.” - so after the certification there should be only one 16x standard, that doesn’t depend on specific manufacturers components!

Maybe you mean that are two propositions for 16x RAM, different from each other, and incompatible, and only one will prevail - and will become the DVD Forum’s certified standard?

I agree that mentioning an interesting article is a good idea, no matter how they got their information. But why would you give such a site credit for the article if they themselves did not credit their original source?

Try to find one out of my own posts that doesn’t include a source link just because it’s foreign (foreign for me meaning either non-Korean or non-English depending on the base language of the forum I’m active in.) Both and are commercial in the sense that they need at least some income for running servers and more so it’s like stealing intellectual property to post news contents without revealing the sources. Under South Korean law, it’s a serious crime now (though it applies to only domestic residents.) I’m a translator myself sometimes writing IT news and marketing materials and I often do translations for free but there are a lot of people who copy and paste free works for their own money, or to pass exams because they themselves don’t want to study, or to get a better promotion in companies. And and a lot of other sites around post news and reviews copy-and-pasted from others even when the sources are in English. (Well, kill me for saying that in public.)

If you want to credit for posting that, why not give me more credit since I spent some time to understand the original news in Japanese and translate into Korean and English and post the main points in English here? Honestly, I deserve more because I don’t earn money and post without hiding the source. I have no reason to compete with or to hate anyone, but it’s just one of the principles I’ve kept regarding internet activities for over 10 years.

By incompatibility between NEC-chipset drives and Hitachi-chipset drives, I meant the firmwares and flashers have different structures. Some of Samsung and Lite-On DVD writers at least share some things, like both being able to accept Mtkflash commands and burning and scanning similarly.

And lastly, don’t hesitate to post Japanese sources if you have any. If important enough, there are some people here who can translate Japanese articles into English and I’ll do if there’s none.

:bow: Kenshin - you deserve a lot of credit! :flower: