News Lite-On 165h6S

I would like to buy a burner that is able to write/read DVD-RAM and has the LightScribe function. Well I see only the LG 4166b on the market… but this model of Lite-On still not. Why? NEC is changing every 3 months models, Lite-On is so slowly… Have you news about the LiteOn 165h6S ?

where are you? the 165h6s has been out in the US for a long time now.

But if is in the USA shops, why I don’t see new firmware for it?
Anyway how is? Is a good reader?

because liteon’s support s about as useful as a poop flavored lollipop. :a
it’s all right, probably in need of a firmware update. only the 165P6s has been receiving anything resembling support.