News in technology: Three dimensional optical storage



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Who said that optical data storage is becoming obsolete? According to a news published at Ars Technica, a new way to store data using optical technologies has been created by chemical researchers at…

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You what?:confused:


Ahh, but I have heard about this/similar technology about half a decade ago (namely, the little pic there is of a purported FMD). So what exactly is new? Do they have prototypes? Reviews of their technology maybe? Yeah, right – the company that was developing FMDs apparently lied through their teeth (, and vaporized, much like the company that acquired their patent portfolio…

So what is the moral of the story?
You gotta have a little more to show than vague design descriptions and big fat promises… I am pretty sick of vaporware, how about you?



Totally agree with you. Also though, I wonder how durable these discs will be. Talking about acids, dyes, and whatever else. What will happen if these are left out in the sun for like an hour. Will it cause the dye inside to shift, thus, screwing up your disc.


IMHO optical media will become obsolete for all but movies etc. I am waiting for flash cards to become so cheap per gig that it makes more sense storing on those instead. I’d rather lug around a box full of flash cards than a folder of discs.