News from the Dark Side: Fox to release Sith on DVD only

I just posted the article News from the Dark Side: Fox to release Sith on DVD only.

owners that are not in possesion of a DVD player may feel a ripple in the
“Force” when they get wind of the fact that Star Wars: Episode III’”Revenge of
the Sith will not be available on…

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Never heard of it.

never heard of Star Wars Episode III???

no “vinyl” :+

I didn’t know companies were still releasing movies on VHS. I’m half serious, but I’m not surprised about this at all.

And of course there will be a tonne of people who will complain. All those sheeple, those uneducated people. Chriky, when Pirates of The Caribbean came out, I dunno how many bitched cause it was available in widescreen only on dvd. It’s the uneducatedness of the consumer that allows the studios to rape and pillage our wallets. But in this aspect, I personally think it is about time that the VCR died for new releases, but still too young to die altogether

When dvd players can be bought for under 50 bux, it would seem a great portion of people with TV’s have dvd players. No point in making videotapes if only a few people are going to buy 'em. I think VCR’s will become like record players. Where if you look hard enough you can still buy one, but there more or less for playing older collections. I can’t even remember the last time i used my vcr to record something off TV. Its hypothetically so much easier to download it :slight_smile:

Die VCR die! :d

Yes, everyone should love the oh-so-delicate DVD disc, which must be kept pristine and smudgeless, which goes in and then you wait 5 minutes for the FBI warnings to finish, then a further 5 minutes for the animated menus, then waiting a further 10 minutes just to wait for the PLAY option to kick in, or wait forever to sift through the Chapters menu to find where you left off. Y’know, as opposed to a VHS tape that they (and their kids) can handle with their own hands, put in in the VCR and press PLAY. “Wow! No matter how many tapes I put in, it somehow knows exactly which scene in the movie I was at before I stopped! And it only takes 2 seconds to start playing! And it works fine, no matter how I or my kids handle it! What an age we live in!”

My DVD player automatically starts playing from where I left off in the movie. Even if I take it out and put it back in.

Use the bookmark feature if you have it. The only gripe I have is the PUOP’s which make u wait all day. The quality is worth is esp wid widescreen and surround sound. I wonder whether durabis will be applied to rental discs or even dvd releases for pruchase? Maybe not so they can grab more money those greedy pigs.

What about a laser disc release?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Which does remind me, I guttered my LD long time ago. Never played a single LD - got it as a gift :frowning: What a shame. And they also suffered delamination problems, those big heavy discs … tonnes of noise from vibration and not scratchproof either!