News Flash-Tightwad opens purse

I haven’t even downloaded ANY DVD because of all the post that said That it would not work with this or that and used DVDDecrypter and or DvdFab decrypter and Dvd Shrink and did just fine until Madagascar. I downloaded ANY DVD and used it and Shrink and got the movie only. I was impressed. So two days later I thought I would open my purse, chase off the moths and purchase ANY DVD. Went to Slysoft web site and saw that there was a discount for Clone DVD and ANY DVD and since my card was out of my wallet I would purchase both of them.
WOW they are great… Did the complete Madagascar disc with all of the extras. The quality is not real good but for having to shrink it about 50% it is good enough for the grand kids and they can play the games and watch the extras.
Belive me that wallet doesn’t get opened very offen for software. :clap:
Oh, I did use the CDFreaks discount for a total of $49 for the package.

@ G_Ivan Awfulitch,

Congratulations !

The AnyDVD-CloneDVD software is an excellent software package. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.

Best Regards,

Cool Beans :clap: They are a good company and try real hard. :smiley: