News Corp. exec focuses on piracy

I just posted the article News Corp. exec focuses on piracy.

During the Comdex 2002 Fall show Peter Chernin who is the chief operating officer for NEWS.CORP gave a keynote address and stressed that

"I am here to call for a partnership that can lead to…

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Funny how a consortium of companies including news corporations complain about piracy when news outlets just copy each other or merge therefore the news is repeated crap instead of anything new. News outlets have enough problems they should not care about piracy of music and movies.

Yeah like Sony’s entertainment arm not exactly seeing eye to eye with it’s technology manufacturing arm. Basically people like the MPAA etc would love to have all copying hardware locked in some way to prevent you being able to copy anything. But the hardware arm knows that by doing so it will lose sales. Catch 22. Any system put in place can be circumvented. If they make it too hard to modify equiptment they will kill a lot of sales potential. I am not saying everyone on the street is a potential pirate. It’s just that a lot of people don’t appreciate having their freedom to do what they want with their hardware taken away.

People should have the right to copy things as long as they don’t sell it for a profit. I would say FUCK the News Corp Executive. It’s just amazing that they want to lock hardware devices to prevent copying. Why don’t they want to lock Professional mastering equipment to prevent professional pirates from being able to mass copy and sell. Once again the industry is more worried about regulating the little guy than the big professional pirate.

They do this because the ‘little guy’ is far more common than the big guy. It’s illegal to copy and then give away too. They want to stop you copying your stuff and giving it to your friends. That’s understandable.

dvdyke if they lock your copying hardware it would basically be aplayer and a peice of junk. if you listen to mr.chernin’s comments closely he does’nt want you to make backups.and uofm3000 i think sony wants to lock their sacd plants.:d