News channels are dying here

the past year has seen a lowing of all news channels ratings here in the USA.
I for one watch a lot less now than I did. My wife on her TV used to have it on news channel while reading her book but she does not even do that anymore. I think people here are tired of one channel having on side of politics and another having the other side. How long is it going to take for both sides channels to realize people are just tired tired of politics reporting . Also they all started reporting all day long on the Zimmerman trial and almost all night, most of us could care less about it. Fox did not show it all the time but they did the same old Politics Politics thing. I was more interested in the train crash, plane crash and Egypt but to get much on them had to go online. The leaders in Egypt should be happy the Zimmerman trial took a lot of pressure off it from the people in the USA. Syria to should be happy they were off TV here most of the time.

People are realizing that they do not get the truth from the news channels. They get politically biased propaganda. Look at all the scandals in the current administration that go basically unreported. If a Republican were in office doing the same things the press would be on the war path against them. The press has ceased to function as watchdogs no matter who is elected. They have lost all intellectual honesty and most people know this and refuse to patronize their programming. Newspapers are in an even more severe decline for the same reasons along with the Internet hastening their demise.

Much as the left media and politicians make fun of Fox News, Fox news typically has better ratings than all other cable news outlets COMBINED

THE thing that cracks me up about cable news other than Fox is the foaming at the mouth rabid clams that Fox is politically to the right of Hitler when they are slightly to the left of Dwight Eisenhower or John F Kennedy and considerably to the left of Richard Nixon.

You can’t go so far left that you’re [B]right[/B] .

If you beleive even 50% of what you hear on any news source you beleive too much.

Fox lies so much it is not worth watching but so does the others. Fox numbers are way down to people are just tired of the whole political new thing from both sides. Saying all this my post was not about who is right in political news but that people are now tuning it out from both sides. I for one am hoping all the news channels realize this and start spending there time with real news.
News define as

a report of a recent event; intelligence
newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events:

I think TV news has forgot about the word intelligence and noteworthy

They tell the truth about who won the ball games. ;):bigsmile:

Fox is more centrist in their reporting than the other cable news networks by a wide margin. The only one close to them is CNN and they have been making a concerted effort to be more centrist than they were before. MSNBC might as well be broadcasting from the White House. The nightly news broadcasts on NBC/CBS/ABC leave so much relevant news out of their broadcasts, and spin what they do report on with a liberal slant, that is all but worthless for obtaining any truthful and timely information.

not in my book fox is so far right they are off the page. Fox might as well be broadcasting from the Republican party office but that said My post is not about which news is right or not but that most people per the ratings are not watching either like they did. What really is sad is how much the Zimmerman trial is on each channel know when most of us do not care.

It’s not news anymore, it’s sensationalism.

It’s just more of the old Yellow Journalism from the 19th Century, and I’m sure there were “muckrakers” long before that term was popularized (also 19th Century). This isn’t a new format - screaming louder, telling bigger lies or putting the biggest slant or spin on a few facts while amp’ing up personal agendas.

Hubby says he loves to think Cronkite and Huntley-Brinkley were immune but we’re reminded they been sold down the river or put out to pasture as well. The Hearst papers were infamous for these antics in the '20s, '30s, '40s and '50s. McCarthyism was just one wag of that dog’s tail.

All we have to do is go look at Upton Sinclair’s rise to fame… John Steinbeck’s… Hemingway’s… they were all taking advantage of a consumer-public’s willingness to spend money for a headline. Or book title.

All the Computer news mags are going online only, now what will I read on my Golden Throne.:bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:

[QUOTE=alan1476;2693115]All the Computer news mags are going online only, now what will I read on my Golden Throne.:bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Just use your Kindle! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Wombler;2693127]Just use your Kindle! :slight_smile:

Ever try wiping with a Kindle? :disagree:

(This just gets worser and worser.)

A little music for reading on the “Golden Throne” .
It even mentions the golden throne.

A fitting place for most of the modern news .
Catered to a certain demographic.

It can even have a recycling function!

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2693137](This just gets worser and worser.)[/QUOTE]
Grammer young lady, its " Worse and Worse.":bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:

This is why I REFUSE to pay for cable-tv. IF there’s something important going on in the world I can find all of these basic channels streaming on the internet for free. However, every time the propaganda frustrates me I turn it off. ABC used to be liberal until it became unfashionable in 2001 - 2008… The shift didn’t start back until 2010 when advertising revenue slipped. There is so much shifting around of the talking heads it makes one’s head spin. These days I can barely watch the local news except to get important weather, national breaking news from the local perspective for example. Other than that I eventually tune it out… and I mean all of the biased nonsense. Politics is ruining the American way of life. If you let it influence you-- you will be infected by the polarization which is the new social disease. New media tried to fight back but the Internet’s become infected as well! There are FEWER AND FEWER reliable sources of local & world news and more secrets about what governments are hiding from their people in their agendas.

** The fascinating thing about this is the more you have an UN/UNDER educated population… the easier it is to brainwash & control them with polarization. Both political parties, corporations (How did Apple become like Sony was in the 90s?!? WTH), and private groups with plenty of money and an agenda have proven this to be the new world reality.

[QUOTE=alan1476;2693149]Grammer young lady…[/QUOTE]
Too bad the Grammar Police didn’t look down at their bullet-proof vests for proper spelling.

NOW I’ll definitely stick with “worser and worser”!

That’s worsest and worserest.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2693129]Ever try wiping with a Kindle? :disagree:[/QUOTE]

Does it work? :bigsmile: