Newly Released UHD Hashed Keys - Released By Mike from MKV Working - Check Out this Topic :)


So on 14/1/18 Mike from MakeMKV Released Hashed Keys he generated for UHD Blurays, check the screenshot below taken by Me showing MakeMKV Opened, Inception UHD Bluray before its supported By DeUHD and the Leaked VUKs, instead its Opened Using the Hashed Keys Mike from MakeMKV Released >

Please Note: Hashed Keys only Work With MakeMKV

Inception UHD Bluray MakeMKV Hashed Keys Screenshot

So Whats needed for mike to generate the hashed uhd keys?

  1. When you insert a unsupported UHD Bluray and open MakeMKV, MakeMKV will save a disc dump in this case, called “AACS dump” which is located: C:\Users\Username.MakeMKV and the the files will be named like this example: MKB20_v61_Dunkirk. Please send these dumps to,

  2. Wait for mike to Generate the Hash keys which will be uploaded to: [Hashed Keys - Updated: 15/1/18] [Hashed Keys - Updated 15/1/18](Last edit: 16.01.2018 URL: - Last Updated: 23/1/18

  3. Rip Your UHD Blurays using the Hashed Keys and Enjoy :slight_smile:

Words from Mike:

Starting from version 1.10.9 MakeMKV supports additional key format, called “hashed keys”. This format is superior to KEYDB.cfg file format, as entries are smaller, have integrity checking, much faster to verify and have few other good properties. The downside is that this file format is MakeMKV-specific, no other software can read files in this format so far. The same key can always be encoded as KEYDB.cfg key or as a hashed key, it is just that the latter is more efficient. Because both KEYDB.cfg and hashed keys are text files, the rules to use them are same – just download the relevant text file and put it into MakeMKV data directory. Having a disc key (encoded as KEYDB.cfg or as hashed key) allows one to open the corresponding UHD disc in MakeMKV.

Now, thanks to few heroic individuals and a big magic crystal ball, keys for some UHD discs are available. The keyfile can be downloaded at This keyfile includes all doom9 UHD keys as well, so this is the one ultimate file you have to put into MakeMKV data directory. As a reminder, if a disk key is not known then protected disc will fail to open. MakeMKV will save a disc dump in this case, called “AACS dump”. Please send these dumps to .

Update: please download the latest keys. Due to a bug in 1.10.9 previously released keys are not compatible with 1.10.10.


Keep Checking back for more Hashed UHD Keys

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Great, thanks for the report, will post this on the news :wink:


No Problem and thanks Hopefully more Hashed Keys will be released soon


Mike just made a kill shot at DeUHD.


lol hes generating Hashed Keys people send him there are now 3 ways to Rip UHD Blurays


Nice! I’m a big supporter of Mike. I’ll have to buy yet another license!
In before DeUHD changes (lowers) their pricing tiers, lol.


So B2k4, is it time to add a column on the sheet for MakeMKV supported & Sent files to MakeMKV.


yes lol inception UHD Bluray is supported by MakeMKV But not yet DeUHD or the Leaked Keys


Yes, I am going to add that column. Now that the cat is out of the bag I can say I was a part of the test group and provided all 201 of UHD BD discs for processing… twice :wink:


it paid of well


Yes, I am glad he has finally released the keys so I don’t have to bite my tongue any longer.


and im the first person to try and they worked


Nice. :slight_smile: Kinda makes me want to buy a second MakeMKV license too. (Seriously, it’s been a lifesaver over the years. Mike has more than earned a second buy.) I don’t have many still-protected discs left but I’ll hop on those pronto. Maybe Mike will get to them before Arusoft, who have been sitting on these particular discs for 2 1/2 months. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’m curious how the keys are encoded. I assume it’s the VUKs and maybe some metadata? I’ll have to look into it. I’m just curious because I want to make sure the spreadsheet will have the right entries. (Well, that and I’m just curious in general.)

EDIT: Woo hoo! Looks like all the four still-protected discs I own may be covered after all! :slight_smile: “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” is failing, unfortunately. Might be another case of my drives choking on triple-layer discs. :confused: Oh well. I’ll figure something out. Happily ripping “Ex Machina” for now and planning to fire up the two others after that.

EDIT 2: Yep, went ahead and got a second MakeMKV license. I know it’s not necessary but I figured it’s the least I can do to thank Mike for (hopefully) being the one who has opened a doorway to all discs getting properly decrypted. Hopefully his next magic trick will be to get a working solution for the official UHD drives. (Alas, they’re still a no-go. A shame, as I’m pretty sure at least one of them can consistently read triple-layer discs, unlike all the others.)


Looks like Mike pulled it off say goodbye to DEuhd prices MIke is getting $50.00 from me and all the uploaded ones that do not decrypt sent as requested :rofl:


Bought two more licenses to show my support. Mike did a great job in a very short time.


Very Impressive I knew it would just be a matter of time and I am some glad I didn’t shell out the crazy prices for Deuhd and I am now backing up my 4K titles most of them are on the list…


what would be good is if mike created a database on his website, added all the VUK’s and Hashed Keys, and made MakeMKV Go to that database on his website so it can find the keys to rip the UHD Blurays that way it can be updated all the time like normal blurays and dvds


I think the decision to NOT include the VUK/Hashed Keys is deliberate.


Looking forward to scanning all my discs (also purchased a lic)


Just keeping the key list in alphabetical order is freaking AMAZING!