Newly purchased old PC game



Hey everyone, I’m new here (big suprise, newbie forum :doh: ) and I need some help. I recently bought a new copy of Metal Gear Solid for PC, brand new to fizzle out any confusion. I installed it, which worked fine, but then I uninstalled it because I wanted to make a backup copy of the disc just in case something were to happen to the original. I used Alcohol 120% first, then the trial version of Blindwrite then the trial of CloneCD all using SafeDisc (found with A-Ray scanner) Unfortunately about 90% of the way through all of the reading processes, I get an error, data extraction error or something, and with Blindwrite, I get a dark blue screen telling me something went wrong and that Windows is shutting my PC down, but with the other 2 it just says error and then pretty much freezes. I said whatever, cold booted my machine and tried to install the game again. It installs most of the game but ~56% of the way, it stops, doesn’t freeze but stops installing. The CD drive is still running, but the install is at a stand still, even after 30 mins of waiting. I’m guessing this is the error that the other software read. Any help?


with some copy protections if it detects software like alcohol, clone cd/dvd; it can foul up the install. Try uninstalling the copying programs, and then running a registry cleaner. If you don’t have one try here: I usually read the reader reviews before trying anything, and a freeware registry cleaner works better than none at all. Get one that makes a backup just in case.) I would then try to re-install the game and see if that was the problem. Also some cd-rom drives are better at copying certain types of protection than others, so that may be why you’re have trouble backing up the game. Some protections use intention errors to confuse your drive. If you think errors are an issue try using the’ skip errors’ setting in the burning program. Lastly i would definitely check out the copy protection forum,a lot of what i’ve stated i’ve read there.