Newly purchased dvdfab



I recently registered for the product DVDFab
The demo I tried was, I believe, 3.04
Anyway, the demo allowed me to copy directly from one DVD RW unit to another. The registered product will not allow me to copy anywhere but to a folder in My Documents on the C-drive. Any suggestions?


Hello Monty
Welcome to the DVDFab forum
DVDFab has never copied from disc to disc :doh:
It copies to a temp folder first then reads from there and then burns to disc

1.) Open DVDFab Platinum
2.) Put the DVD movie you are going to make a backup copy of into your DVD drive, the movie title will appear in the source drop down window
3.) In the target drop down window chose the location of your DVD Writer that will be used to do the burning of the disc
4.) At the bottom of the screen choose the size of the blank medics disc you will be using for the backup in the drop down window with the word Quality next to it, DVD5=compression and DVD9=no compression
5.) Depending on if you have one or two DVD Writers hooked to your computer,
a.) If you only have one DVD Writer connected to your computer then you will have to wait until the program has finished the copying process to your hard drive and then you will be asked to insert a blank media disc into the drive,
b.) If you have two DVD Writers connected to your computer put in the original disc into one of the DVD drives(making sure this drive is selected as the Source),
And put a blank media disc into your other DVD drive(making sure this drive is selected as the Target),
After the program reads and copies the movie from the DVD Drive that contains the original DVD disc the program will then start the burning process to the DVD Drive containing the blank media disc
6.) Click the start button at the lower right corner to start the process

PS…Using your email address for your user name not to smart with all the spamers out there


Looks like I need a quick review of what some options are - E.g. what is the difference between DVD5 vs. DVD9, etc. Can you suggest a site that summarizes some of this stuff?
Also, the e-mail is a temp I’ve created to field spams …


Well first of all, DVD5 stands for a single layer disk. And the DVD9 stands for a dual layer disk. They use the abbrev. of SL and DL respectively. The SL disk will hold approx. 4.3 gigs. of a backed up movie even though the disk is 4.7 gigs. and I’m not sure, because I’ve never had use for a DL disk, but I believe it’s 8.5 gigs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a site that explains all the functions, but Fengtao has promised a complete guide to the Platinum/Gold software. But in the mean time, there are a lot of VERY smart and knowledgeable people on this forum who will explain just about any question or help trouble shoot any problem you might have. Also, as to your first post, I have used 2 DVD burners to burn a back up of a movie using DVD Fab Platinum. You just make one drive your Source drive and put your movie in that one and then make sure for your target source make it your burning drive. Make sure you have the blank media in that one and hit start and it should work like you are asking it to. ~ Mike


WOW Tim that was some instructions, right down to the wire, I am proud of you my Idol :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m impressed as well, because I’ve never used DVDFab Platinum before (using AnyDVD/CloneDVD 2, which I liked so much I bought them both), but while reading all the stuff on this website stating that a lot of people liked this software, I went out and purchased it (DVDFab Platinum) a few hours ago.

I’ve just backed up a DVD I bought over a year ago into a ISO file, and just burned it as a DVD5 using Nero.


whatever_gong82 Welcome to the forum and yes DVDFAB is a very good program in my opinon and we have some great guys in this forum to many to name but they know who they are that can help anybody with just about any problem. One question though why use Nero to burn ? Why not let FAB do it all for you as FAB will burn also that way there is less chance of a conflick down the road not saying there will be any but just a thought on my part.


Hello whatever_gong82
I second the welcome to the DVDFab Forum, and like Jim said let DVDFab Platinum do the burning it does a great job and you don’t have to use two programs


I was having issues with DVDFab, (and I didn’t know that I want to set it for a blank single side DVD, not the DVD9 dual layer format) since I was using it for the first time. :o Now, I’m going to back up another DVD that I paid for with the correct settings.


Thanks guys!!

I’ll keep on using this forum while online. I have a fair share of experience backing up DVDs, but I’m a newbie with DVDFab. But, that’s what this forum is for: to learn from others mistakes (including my own!! :bigsmile: )


Hi whatever,

Do you have any RW media? can experiment 'til the cows come home…no coasters… :wink:
Seriously, it’s a great way to experiment with various configurations and settings.

[Edit] Sorry forgot…welcome to cdfreaks!


StormJumper has some good settings to use that works flawlessly if he see this he will post them so give those settings a try


Thanks for the welcome, maineman.

Yes, I do have some DVD-RW, ten in fact. The ones that I have are Memorex DVD+RW, 4.7 GB, and my Burner is MATSHITA DVD-RAM SW-9585 (CD 126X Rd, 126X Wr) (DVD 16X Rd, 16X Wr). My OS is Windows XP Pro SP2. I also have 2 Maxtor 7Y250M0 hard drives.


When he does, I’ll use them as well.




I’ll look for them in the meantime and post them here unless he beats me ok here they are

Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R Media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size…4464 (use customize in drop down )
Set Booktype to DVD-ROM…(put a check in the small box
Note these are for SL disks and you will get a great burn thanks to Tim (StormJumper)
Jim alias Jimbo


Thanks for the proper settings, I’m putting DVDFab to those recommended settings right now.



Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R Media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size…4464 (use customize in drop down )
Set Booktype to DVD-ROM…(put a check in the small box)

PLEASE note the write speed is for DVD5 (SL) disc’s,
DVD9 (DL) will be slower due to Disc max write speed, which in this case you may be prompted by DVDFab to select a write speed for the DVD9 (DL) when you use them, the slower the burn the better.
For a better understanding on why burning slower is better please read
[U]The Burning Factor[/U] in my signature below


I used the settings, and I now have 2 coasters. I’m going back to using the ISO converter of DVDFab until I figure out what went wrong (that does work, because I burned a ISO file copy of Inside Man with it.)


Quick question: for the DVD I’m making a copy of right now, I’m using Memorex DVD-R for my blank DVD. Will this mess up whatsoever the settings for DVDFab??

If so, then what is the correct settings I can use for blank DVD-R’s???
Or DVD+R’s, for that matter???



Well I don’t think Memorix is a good quality blank media, the best is TY or Verbatium and I would use the setting that StormJumper gave you and no it won’t mess up the settings, If you are still having problems myself I would do a clean uninstall and then reinstall. In a post by StormJumper he has instructions to do this, I have seen a clean reinstall fix a lot of problems for people