Newly made Data DVD's cannot be recognised by drive



Hi! This never happened to me before (so I’m incredibly puzzled)
Here’s the problem:

I have an ASUS burner (not sure which. I’m guessing it’s an ASUS because it’s part of my ASUS laptop). I’m using Nero Express 6.

Anyways, the problem is, after I’ve made a data DVD, the DVD rom (same drive as the burner) cannot recognise the disc. Before I eject the DVD out and finish the burning process, the laptop definitely recognises the DVD (not entirely but at least I can see the files I’ve burnt into the CD and have access to them) but once I eject, that’s it. I can never see the files burnt on my CD.

At first I thought it may have something to do with me not having closed the CD but see no such options to choose form (which puzzles me again 'cause I remember seeing this choice before). So I de-selected the multisession options but alas, the same result. I even tried burning just the files that are on my hard drive (since previously, they were burning stuff from my external hard drives) but of course, to no avail since I don’t think that was the problem to begin with.

There is just one more thing for me to try out. I find that I have two drives (which again, puzzles me. I have but one drive and I’ve never seen this extra drive before). One is E:\ which of course is my DVD ROM/R/RW drive. The other is an Image Recorder - but I’ve no idea what it is and I’ve never seen it there before :eek: I’ve been burning the discs on my E drive (and for the past 2 years have been working just fine so I’ve no idea why it’s stuffing up this time) so I may just try this Image Recorder thing out and see how it goes. However, I’m still puzzled. What I’ve been doing should work fine since it always have worked fine. Or did I miss something?

Thank you in advance for any help people can give me!


Image Recorder comes with Nero. This is virtual recorder. If you select Image Recorder, the disc image will be burnt onto hard disk. This image can be opened with virtual DVD drive, such as daemon tools.

If you burn your DVDs, do they work on another computer?