Newly installed RoxioVER6 won't see CD

Just bought Roxio Ver6 Plat. Running XP on quite capable machine. Tried to access Roxio site and their telephone support but they are all down or not at work. Installation seemed fine, but when I try to burn a file to a cd I get an error message to the affect that the “Roxio Bla Bla Kernel has control of and is using the burner hardware”. I bought this on Friday afternoon expecting to be able to get a LOT of work done over the week end, but I am stuck. Please respond if you have any ideas so I can get back to cracking rocks. Thanks. …Jack Austin

Just an additional note or two.

The error message is exactly: Drive in use by “Roxio Drag-to-Disc Kernel”.

I tried to see if the disc could be accessed by woth means, such as the “system test” on the Roxio tool bar, but I get the same error message.

The burner is a Sony CD-RW CRX215E1.

I have a feeling that I should have bought one of the cheap applications sitting next to the Roxio product on the shelf at Staples.

There are some known issues with drag to disk here

did you try to deactivate drag to cd aplication? or try to uninstall drag to disk at all.
running easy cd creator 6 only with the classic aplication installed and have no problems at al (win xp pro, imapi service disabled)

The drag and drop feature was turning on at boot and then hogged the burner operation. I went to the start list and unchecked the box for it and rebooted. Everything is fine now. If anyone has any sway with Roxio I would suggest that they change the installation process allow manual selection of that mode and a warning that this could happen to some systems. They nearly lost me as a frustrated and under presure custome. Jack the “Twigworker”:slight_smile: :slight_smile: