Newly Installed 3540A - Interpret my Disc Quality Results

First time poster…

Anyway, I bought my first DVDRW and it arrived yesterday. Today, I went out and bought some DVDRWs: Memorex DVD+R - RICOHJPN R03. I flashed to Liggy & Dee/s 1W5 and burned my first DVD at 12x. Movie plays good on DVD player. After, I ran Nero CD-DVD Speed. For some reason, it only scans at 1x for me, although it is set at 4x (14, 11, 7, 4, 1 are my choices… for some reason there’s no 5x). I tried reinstalling but it was still stuck at 1x. Anyone know how to fix this?

That was my scan before I stopped it. How are they?


I believe the scanning speed options change that way when the DVD disc is burned in another method. For example when I use DiscJuggler to burn my DVD videos, if I set “Digital copy permitted” on the Data Settings the NEC will only do the quality scan at 1x, 4x, 7x, 11x, 14x. When I don’t use that option it gives me the defaut 5x… why that happens I don’t know, when burning with Nero I believe the burn method enables the default scanning speed.

@nanoblaze01. Maybe this will help, this has fixed the 3520 for the same problem a couple of times but I am not sure that the 3540 is the same so it may not work. :slight_smile: This was the thread with the same issue.

I saw that post while trying to find out how fix it. That’s what I tried but it didnt work.

Hmm. Well that sucks.:confused: What version of Nero CD-DVD Speed are you using.

Version 4.01, I upgraded my whole Nero suite when I reinstalled.

Ok so you went to the Registry and deleted the Ahead folder when you uninstalled Nero?

Yea, I uninstalled Nero, went to registry, erased the Ahead folder, restarted, installed Nero and ran CD-DVD speed. Could it be my media or that its a DVD video cd?

EDIT: When I opened Nero InfoTool, it says my burner only has a 1x Read speed.
EDIT 2: Pic added. Also, could it be the firmware? I’m gonna try reinstalling again…

I don’t think it’s the media but like I said I’m not sure what the normal scanning speed is for the 3540 and don’t want to give you duff info.

Edit: Maybe try turning you computer off for a minute then restart seems like Nero did not install or needs a restart to finish or sometimes when I flash my Nec it acts a little strange and turning my machine off and then on resolves the problem. Worth a try.

On second thought it could be your media, what does your read or scan speed say for a pressed DVD or a different burned media?

Looks like it was the media, I threw in another DVD (im guessing pressed is one done by factory) and it showed 5x Read Speed + 48x Write Speed which seems more like it…

Gonna try to burn a game now, I’ll see what happens.

Well good luck. The partial scan you posted looks like it was off to a good start. BTW Welcome to CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

Thanks and thanks for your help. :smiley:
I burned the DVD at 8x, ran CD-DVD speed at 4x and it still stayed at 1x. But when I put it at 7x, it started at around 2.6x and slowly went up until it ended (3.7x). How are they?

Which scanning speeds are available has to do with how much data a DVD contains. When there is approx. 3~3.5 GB or less on a disc, you get to choose from different scan speeds than with a (almost) full disc. As far as I know this has no consequences to scanning reliability.