Newly burned movie massively skips from scent to scene (Samsung SH-S202H / TS-H652H)

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S202H / TS-H652H. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’m sure you’ve all answered this question a thousand times already, but I am using a Samsung DVD Writer Super-Writemaster SH S202 (there are no H, J, N or anything like that after it. I’m now burning but the movie is jumping form scene to scene. The set up page on the DVD (Scene Selection, Play, etc) came in fine, but when I hit play, it jumped right near the end.

I’m using Clone DVD and AnyDVD, neither of them seem to do any good. I was think of trying to slow down the burning, but I don’t know how, and that might not be the solution anyway.

Any suggestions? Clone DVD and AnyDVD are almost up for my free trial period, it would be ashame if I cant burn a DVD before I have to decide to buy it or not.

The DVDs are Memorex DVD=R “Cool Colors” 4.7 gb, 16X, 120 minutes

I really appreciate the help guys and gals!


I don’t like your choice of media, but jumping through the movie to back sections isn’t a problem with the burning. Something got scrambled that’s for sure.

Which movie are you trying to copy? Does AnyDVD report that it is correcting bad sectors or some other type of advanced protection? Are you ripping with the built-in ripper in AnyDVD or are you using CloneDVD for that?

Try ripping the whole movie to the hard drive using the ripper in AnyDVD…there won’t be any compression applied here. Then try playing it from the hard drive with VLC or whatever program you have on your computer for playing dvd video. Lets see if it is screwing up here first.

By the way, Verbatim is recommended for blank media around here more than anything else. And burning a 16x speed disk at 8x or 12x is safer than full speed.


Try the free trial of DVDFab - either gold or platinum - use Verbatim 16x +R media (Memorex can be poopie media - most of the time) - set your burns to 8x and you should find that you make nearly perfect discs-eh!!

(btw - do not have AnyDVD active whilst using the DVDFab program)