Newly burned cds skip in car player

Hi all. I recently purchased a dell dimension e510 with windows xp media center. I have burned 6 cds from memory. All of the cds will play great in my auto for the first 3 songs then the remaining songs will skip and have crackling noise in the background, similar to an am station. I am new to cd burning. I have changed the compression level to the most bytes available,I think, to no avail. I have a 2004 cavalier that has had no problem with store bought cds. I would appreciate any assistance offered. Also the burned cds all play great in my home theater system. I am perplexed. Thanks all.

Hey cheapee…What type of media are you using? And what type of burner and speed did you use? You may want to try a different media and slow your burn speed down. Welcome to the forum.

hello cheapie, Had the same problem recently,(2 months ago.)… bought a new car and burnt some new copies to use in that car. they wouldn’t play…skippped etc… they played great in my home system and a couple of friends car cd players… I ended up getting the new radio in the new car replaced… all the cd’s work great now…
I would check the cd’s in a couple of other car players first… but yes… if its media it will play up in the home system and the computor as well…

Sportfish, thanks for your advice. I am using windows media at the fastest burn speed. I slowed to 16x and that eliminated the noise on about 75% of the tracks. I will slow the burn even more and try again. I am using Sony CD-R blanks. Thanks again.

Yea, i’ve had the same problem…skips when i played the newly burned cd’s in my car.

I slowed down the burn speed and haven’t had any problem since. I usually try to burn at 12X.

Try using Verbatim Super AZO or Pastel CD-R. These solved all my problems regarding car stereo players.
I’ve recommended these to others on the forum & they also report success.

I burn these at any speed & they always work.

It can also depend on the burner you use. Early DVD writers were not too good at burning CDs so a CD writer was the only real option but I think that now-a-days most curent DVD writers should be fine. My Benq 1620 & LG 4163B work fine.

Yes to all those suggestions. Change media and speed and that will help! However some car players are not cool! What kind of car do you have?

etp, he says in his first post 2004 Cavalier (that’s a UK 2004 Vauxhall Cavalier).

I agree with the above regarding burn speed. Even with a 52x CD Rewriter, after problems back in the day with ‘car’ skipping, I always burn at 8 or 12x and never had the problem again!

Good Luck cheapee

My GM player does fine with Office Depot brand and memorex at 32X.

Which has been a Vectra for about 8 years or so. So it’s probably a US GM Cavalier.

Burn speed and media quality, yepp.