Newly bought ND-3500AG

Just purchased it two days ago. Plain case, no NEC lable on it! Anyway to tell if this it a true 3500 and not a knock off?

Windows XP also reports it in the device manager as:


Nero Reports Firmware 2.16

I have a chance to get another one!


Sounds ok to me

There should be a label on the top of the drive itself before you installed it. However, those signs look promising to me.

Nope, no lable at all! OEM maybe? not sure… Anyone know by chips? I have no problems opening the case…

(As you can’t probably tell I’m new to the forum)

Side note: I’ve been delaying on getting a dvd burner so long and really haven’t been keeping up with what’s available. A friend of mine said to get these before there all gone. Question: Would it be in my best interest to get another nd-3500? I usually get burners in pairs for one to one.

A missing label is not a good sign. OEM drives have them. The drive will not have any warranty except whatever the seller gives to you. I can’t think of any good reason to remove the label from a drive. There are many drives which are made by NEC and sold under other brand names, such as Mad Dog, and could have NEC firmware installed, but these drives frequently have better firmware’s and warranties than an original NEC, so I am at a loss as understand why the label would be missing.

No label? You got me then. Any other kinds of markings, letterings, etc. on the drive?

:confused: I too am confused? I guess I’ll have to break her open as see what’s inside…

Doesn’t look like there was a lable on it in the first place. DVD was sealed, but that doesn’t really mean anything either…

Nothing at all! That’s what got me stumped!

Burn some DVDs and see how it performs. That will give you a lot more information than breaking it open.

Did you purchase it online or at a local store?

Can you please report us how you got it?

It is interesting. I remember someone reported a “no label” NEC 2510. Obviously it was flashed 2500, everybody concluded so. On the other hand, I can’t imagine any reason to remove the label of a 3500 other than limiting the warranty.

  1. Don’t break it or open it. I don’t think there’s anything you can do.

  2. Think about the missing warranty, I don’t know how good the seller’s warranty is, but NEC won’t do anyting for the drive. If the drive works fine, and if you can bear with the limited warranty, keep it. Otherwise immediately send it back to the seller.

  3. If you need another burner, I think BenQ 1620 will make a good combination with it. NEC recently announced its support of disc scan but nobody can be sure of the quality of its scan. 1620 is a good burner and a good scanner.


I have no problem opening the unit to see what chips are inside so I can compare it with someone else’s unit.

I took another chance and got a second one.

Thanks for the info. Currently interested in the NEC 6500 for the laptop.

Note: I can take a pic if that will help, including inside the unit. Not sure how good the image will be and when I’ll have a chance to do it.


You really do not have to open the unit-

If both your operating system and Nero tell you that it is a 3500 - then that should be good enough for you - suggest using the 2.18btrpc1 firmware that you can download here:

It will give you real good burns-


Dang it…another Fleabay special. You obviously have NO WARRANTY on this drive. Keep your finger crossed on this drive. It it continues to give results after 50 full burns, then you probably have a good drive.