Newly Announced 8.5Gig DVD Format

Just caught this story on cdfreaks news forums. I assume that with the introduction of both media, hardware and burner software updates to handle the new size that transcoding will not be necessary for DVDs 8.5gig or less:p. Does this make proper sense? Are the 8.5gig discs mentioned in the article (below) single-sided/dual-layer or dual-sided? If this format is single-sided its probably safe to assume that DVD producers would ensure that new releases would be produced on DVD-9s and DVD-18s.


Not only the +R/+RW camp, but also Pioneer ( -R/-RW ) is known to be developing dual-layer DVDs for home use.

Provided that the total size of the files you transfer from the source DVD does not exceed the capacity of the new discs, you will not need a transcoder since there will be no call for compression. I expect that you will still need to rip the files (rather than just copy them) as the CSS encoding will, of course, remain.

It will be interesting to see how much the new hardware and media cost. I could imagine some people carrying on transcoding if the cost materially exceeds what we’re paying now.


Thanks Pete! Can’t wait until either format + or - is announced. The new formats would be a real time-saver, not having to transcode and/or worry about quality loss…etc. Currently the majority of DVDs are <8.5g with many exceptions.