NewLive All Media Fixer 2008

Does anyone use this product, or rather has anyone got this product to fix anything?

I have now tested it with a dozen avi and mpg files which have easy problems found by other tools like DivFix++. This software has never fixed anything, and as far as I can tell by doing binary comparisons it just copies the input to the output… very sloooowly.

I run a brand new i7 920 OC/Asus X58/3GB/GTX 295/XP Pro rig. A 1.09GB avi file with one error which is fixed by DivFix++ in about a minute, takes over an hour to “fix” with this tool.

Some feedback would be great. I bought it as an easy-to-use fixer for my daughter at college and it ain’t looking good right now.

I’m not sure what feedback you’re looking for. If, through your own testing, you’ve discovered that it doesn’t work, what more do you need?

“I’m not sure what feedback you’re looking for. If, through your own testing, you’ve discovered that it doesn’t work, what more do you need?”

I may be doing something wrong. It has happened before. If someone else is using this successfully it indicates that I need to find a problem with my setup.

These guys have been selling the product for a while and it must have been bought by others. The credit card clearing site is reputable and they are listed on reliable download sites like tucows. I am very reluctant to conclude that the product is a scam (which is what it looks like at the moment) without having some input from others.

I for one have never heard of this program and I’ve never seen anything here at CDFreaks that mentions it, as a matter of fact I just searched the forums and yours is the only thread that does. Is there a forum at the NewLive All Media Fixer 2008 website? I doubt that anyone here uses this software, but I could be wrong. Wait and see if anyone else posts.

Thank you Whappo. Yeah, I did a search here before I posted. The product is widely downloadable but there are no problem reports or discussion in any forum I can find. This can mean either that it’s very good or that I have been “social engineered”.

I’m not sure why you think your daughter would need a program like this, but as you’ve discovered, there are freeware alternatives, even VLC can repair video files.

Whappo, this software has the simplest user interface that I found. My daughter runs XP Media Center on a laptop and now and then gets dropouts on emailed and captured avi files she receives. I got sick of fixing them for her and if the software worked as advertised it would have saved me some hassle.

Anyway, I smell a rat and I have been spurred on to take a better look at this product. The publisher NewLive has numerous other related products and it’s worth seeing whether they are genuine or not.

Just by the way, they have not answered any support emails for over a week now, which is why I started this thread.