Newest Version?

What is the newest version of AnyDVD? I have but I see some talk of being out?? is the latest at the moment!

Where did you see Ebay maybe.

I saw 7121 on ebay
decodes blue ray

that is weird. IIRC, Blue-ray drives are still one year from coming out. 5821 is the current version of AnyDVD. If it’s not at their official site (here), I would have to say it’s fake.

The newest version can always be found at I’ve seen fake versions like 6+ on file sharing programs like Kazaa Lite Resurrection and Limewire. Your download should always come from an official source… or else you could be getting at the least a bad copy, but more likely a virus.

Thanx… yea the I saw was on limewire… no biggy, just didnt want to be out of the loop… thanks all :slight_smile:

The newest version at SlySoft is

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Update to the latest BETA and come back to us. If that does not help then make a thread telling us what is wrong.

The link refer the poster to AnyDVD not the latest beta version.

The link goes to the latest BETA version here. Just tried it.