Newest version of recode!

What differences are there between the previous version and the new one! Are there improvments that make upgrading worth the $$$$?

Joel I am here. What version are you talking about. The newest is V7.2 but I believe it has th same version of recode as the previous one. The changes were made to other portions of the program.

Thanks alan! I read an article about a week ago and it stated that nero was no longer going to develope the recode program!

Can you put the url address of the article about Nero Recode.

Sorry i have been unable to find it!

The newest version of recode is Not sure what version 7.2 is , I hope you meant

Newest version of Nero (Recode) is Beware, you must read and write from the same drive unlike Nero 6 when you could utilize two drives. A quote from a Nero tech: “It is an known issue when using 2 drives, one as the source the other
as the destination, the (burn) drive will fail. Use only the DVD-Recorder as the
Source and Destination Drive to resolve your issue.”

Newest version of Nero (& suite) is
Newest version of Recode (part of the suite) is

Just because the suite is updated doesn’t mean Recode may be.

Maybe the version number of Nero recode hasn’t changed but they have definitely made a change since you can no longer use two drives as I found out the hard way. Nero tech says an update of Nero will be released soon but he doesn’t know if the two drive situation will be resolved. The problem didn’t exist in the latest update to Nero 6 Ultra.

i can’t see why you would use 2 drives in recode - you’re not seriously ripping, compressing and burning on-the-fly are you? no wonder it doesn’t work! try ripping to hard disk, then compressing from there back to hard disk, then burning to dvd-r.

anyway, if that’s failing then it makes sense that the burning part is to blame, that’s a problem with the nero burning engine that has changed version, it’s not down to recode which hasn’t changed.

Thanks for everyones replies! I take it that nothing at all has changed form the replies!
If that is the case then there is no reason to get the new Nero ULTRA 7 as I have the most up to date version of nero ULTRA 6.

Thanks everyone!!!

New version out with th latest update. :slight_smile:

i have the newest version of nero and when i use nero recode to copy dvds i get this problem where i can play the dvd in my standalone dvd player with no prob but it wont play in my computer drive? i use dvd43 to get rid of the protection. i usually use dvd shrink without ever a problem but i thought i would try nero recode. any ideas, i heard something about nero making the dvd region 0 and since my dvd drives are set to region 1 they wont play. any help would be great. this isnt a huge issue cause i can just use dvd shrink but i kinda like nero recode.


i heard something about nero making the dvd region 0 and since my dvd drives are set to region 1 they wont play

Doesn’t region 0 mean: play everywhere? So it would work no matter what region your DVD drive is.

I don’t know about DVD to DVD recoding, but recoding to NeroDigital is definitely improved (check the sound quality!).

Does anybody know about versions of Nero Recode
and playback problems in standalone DVD payers
when the backup is recorded to a DVD+R DL.(Verbatim double layer)

Very few standalone players play the burned DVD+R DL (of course set to book type DVD-ROm) properly
Sometimes I have a freeze in chapter 1 of Title1 and you can only play the movie by skipping to cahpter 2

I think the there is a problem with the IFO files that are woeked at by Nero Recode

Notice: I never had any problem in the playback of single layer burned DVD’s !

I have a really old Playstation 2 that is my most finicky stand alone DVD player - and I’m very surprised, but it has no issues at all playing double-layer burned media (nor does my -$40 Cyberhome cheapo DVD player) burned with Recode 2 (v., Dell/Phillips 8701 @ 2.4x (haven’t flashed with BenQ 1640 firmware yet), and Memorex DL DVD+R’s (Ritek D01). Haven’t been using DVD Decrypter yet because I hadn’t ripped as .iso’s since I wasn’t expecting to be able to afford DL media in my lifetime.

Got the Memorex media for insanely cheap price, due to shelf pricing error and must of been disgruntled employee who sold me three 25-disk spindles (75 Double Layer Disks) for a total of $39(!!) even though I had her scan the UPC to confirm the listed price was very much off-base (should have been $79.99 each). Christmas came early for me this year!

52 cents a disk!!

Do not use recode to copy dvd9 to dvd9 (i.e. dvd+rdl) , just use dvd decrypter to rip it to iso and burn either with decrypter itself (using iso write) or imgburn (also from the author of dvd decryper -Lightning UK) This helps preserver the layer break and avoids any potential issues. You can also use PGCedit to set the layer break manually if you wanna, and I think PGCedit has the only work around to burn to dvd-r dl via layer jump recording and padding the first layer the garbage to preserve the layer break. Hope this helps.
Diana :bigsmile:

Like I said, I didn’t have the DL disks on hand when I ripped the DVD’s … instead of re-ripping, I just used Nero to create the image and burn. Worked fine. At about $0.52 a disk, there wasn’t much to loose in trying. I like using DVDD, too. I’ll probably being doing as you say in the future, since it seems the fastest method, in addition to probably being the most reliable one.

Thanks Diana !
My aim was to get rid of some adds at the beginning of a movie and not compress it at all