Newest Philips recorders



Hey all,
Just took my DVDR75 back to Circuit City for repair for the first time, less than a year after I got it as a replacement for my DVDR985. Gotta love those warranties. Anyway, I suspect this one will soon have to be replaced, because I’m sure, like the 985, the repair job will not hold. Anyway, I’m just wondering if the Philips models out now are any more reliable or last longer than their predecessors and which of the current models is best and comparable to the 75 feature (and price) wise.

My 985 only held out a little over a year and my 75 not quite a year. That’s pretty crappy performance. On the 985, recording functions failed while the play functions were still fine. On the 75, the playback capabilities went out the window, while recording is still, for the most part, okay. It’d be nice to have one that can do BOTH for a significant length of time. After all, that’s what they’re supposed to do. Any advice on what’s best and most reliable in the Philips line now would be most appreciated.



The units seem to be getting more reliable with each generation, although there are still reports of a few failures. The model nearest to your 75 is now the 615, I believe.



I think the best way to look at any of the formats and recorders
is to view it as a “consumable”. By that I mean assume you’ll have
to replace a unit about every year or so, if not from hardware
problem, then for the new features/capabilities the manufacturers
have to add in order to keep keep their market share.