Newest of Newbies

Thank goodness I found you guys (and Gals).

I would truly appreciate your help in getting me going in this new adventure.

I have recorded my son’s ice hockey team highlights on a Sony Handycam DCR-DVD92 R/RW using Sony Handycam DVD-RW media. I believe that I recorded everything in VIDEO MODE, rather than VR MODE. I have not yet FINALIZED the disks. I also have SONY VEGAS MOVIE STUDIO+DVD editing software, which the tech at COMPUSA suggested… keeping everything in the SONY family. Please note that my model of the Handycam has no data port to connect with a computer.

At this point, I’m completely lost. I really need someone to step me through the process of extracting the data from the disk (RIPPING?), so that I can use the editor to make highlight disks for all the other kids on the hocky team.

Is anyone willing to help me get going on this project?

Thanks in advance.



Check this web site. According to that you should just be able to play what you record on DVD player. Also check manual.
If that is the case, than you can use the same DVD in your computer DVD player and load files from it to your Sony editing software to edit out things and make new DVD with menus.