Newest Copy protections

Hej Everyone
Has enyone yet managed to make working bacups of the newest securom and safedisk protektions, like the ones on GTA San Andreas (DVD version) and The Sims 2 (both CD and DVD versions)???
I mostly use CloneCD, but maybe Alkohol will work better.
Thanks in advance.

i got san andreas on x box

GTA San Andreas (DVD version) and The Sims 2 (both CD and DVD versions) they don’t have the latst copy protections, The Sims 2 cd version is copy protected by safedisc 3.2 the lates safedisc copy protection is safedisc 4.6

yes. i know that, but i mean the protections that can’t be burned, like safedisk 2.9 and above, and securom on dvd.
does enyone know how the make backup of these?
i have managed to make backups op to safedisk 2.8, and all securom on cd games.

copy protected DVD’s (games / software) cannot be copied!
the burners just don’t have the features they’d need to sucessfully do the job.
the only way is emulation / virtual drives.

what about safedisk 2.9 and above on cd games??
thanks in advance

in general, if you have the right hardware, SD should be possible to backup on CD. but the newer versions (3.x+) are very very hardware dependent (burner + media), which decreases the chances of a working backup very much.

okay :confused:
do you know which kind of harware would be good with safedisk??

no, as i stopped copying newer versions of safedisc as at least here in germany the games aren’t released on CD since some time, only DVD-releases any more…