Newest / best print to cd inkjets?


My 3 yr old ip4500 printhead just died. (won’t print from the pgi-5 pigment cart) Flushed out with water but still no dice. I suspect the hobbicolor ink. Average printer use. Printhead replacement cost $65.00 on ebay.

Can anyone recommend a replacement printer for around $100.00

I can get an ip4820 from canon for $75.00 shipped. I’ve always used canons, love 'em, CD/DVD’s always look beautiful. However, I have always had printhead failures. (ip4000, ip4500). And the ink carts keep getting smaller.

Any suggestions? (besides using oem ink ; )

How about a different ink vendor?


PGB does not need for dvd printing. the best option is ip4700 i have four of them printing 800DVD per day with four of them no problems occur
i have ciss

What ink vendor do you use?

If it is just the print head, canon replacements can be bought on line!

[QUOTE=Towelie2;2582915]What ink vendor do you use?[/QUOTE]
i use WOX brand from
the quality is superb and cheap ink and i dont have clogged nozzle which some my printer unused for a month

thanks dadasalam, I’ll check them out.

[QUOTE=Towelie2;2583056]thanks dadasalam, I’ll check them out.[/QUOTE]
I have 3 Epson printers, two that print to CDs and another all-in one. The printer I use for Cd’s is an Epson R280, no fax or scanner. Great for Cd’s and photo’s. I use replacement ink, usually from Amazon, have replaced ink 3 times all with great results. I also use a Epson 710 which is all-in -one and is wireless, prints to Cd’s picked it up at Sams Club for about $80.00, the R280 was in the $100.00 area the 710 seems to use more ink. I would strongly suggest the R280 , using replacement ink or the constant ink flow system.I know people that have it and swear by it. Hope this helps.