Newer versions slow to read a DVD?



I’ve noticed a massive increase in the time it takes Fab to first read and list the contents of a DVD, something in the order of 4-5 times longer than it would just several months ago.

I can’t be the only one to notice. And these aren’t newer DVDs with more intricate protections—these are years old.

What’s going on? Has some setting been changed?


I’ll add that I generally run DVDFab on an older P4 machine (with SSE, mind you). Makes sense that changes one wouldn’t notice with faster rigs would be more apparent on slower ones.


I had MS Surface 3 and it ran fast as all get out. and thats a tablet.


I haven’t had any problem maybe you have to much stuff running in the background which in turn slows some things down


There were some improvements in PathPlayer that make it slower to open certain discs (multi-angle, TV episode discs etc.), but these are mostly newer ones and some that would have failed or triggered an auto-shutdown of PathPlayer previously. Make sure you are using v9.2.1.8 or newer.