Newer versions of write strategies



I just purchased a 3540 from newegg and was going to flash it with Liggy and Dees 1W4 firmware. When i made a backup of my original 1.01 firmware, i loaded it in NEC Dump 123 and noticed that it had newer versions of write strategies for DVD-R and DVD+R. Do you recommend that I load the 1W4 firmware or leave the stock firmware? I mainly use verbatum 16x DVD+R and have no problems with it.Takes a little less than 6 minutes to burn and plays perfectly.The only thing is that bitsetting is missing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


SkoalMan66, can you send me a copy of your Firmware… PM me ;).

Use the stock firmware for now, if you don’t mind modded ones then you can try Dee’s firmware, it’s one of the best firmwares around besides self modded ones. Dee’s has many advantages over stock firmware… :).


liggy has an firmware bases on the newest original version (the one you have)
with added bitsetting and riplock removal

you can find it on this forum (liggy’s 1.01dbt)


How do you know which firmware he has? :confused:


Downloaded that version and the strategies arent as new as mine


Already sent a copy to XND1n01h.He is going to send it to Liggy to have a look at.

Here is a copy of the strategy versions:

1.01 17.05.2005 00

CD-R Version: 1.01
CD-RW Version: B.04
DVD-R Version: 1.03G
DVD-RW Version: B.12
DVD+R Version: 1.05G
DVD+RW Version: B.12
DVD+R9 Version: B.08
DVD-R9 Version: B.04

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)

The -R and +R seem to be newer.


Please send it to Scorpiosoft also!


PM’d Scorpiosoft, waiting on a reply.


I already had this firmware before, but I was a bit too lazy to play with it. Plus I’m a bit busy with something else :wink:


All these different 1.01 versions. When are we going to see a proper release from NEC (Hopefully fixing TY T02 strats while they are about it)?



I send you a PM with my e-mail address. Please send it to me. Liggy or XND1n01h, you may also send it to me, please.

Update: Liggy just send me a copy, Thanks Liggy!