Newer Ritek Media

Can anyone post scans of the newer Ritek media? I’ve noticed Ritek P16, R05, F16, possibly others that I’ve not had a chance to test… Any of the newer 16x media besides F1, and R04.

I have always had great results with Ritek media, and have many that are years old, but their first generation of 16x media was not nearly as good (specifically Ritek F1 and R04).

That would be interesting… I’d like to see those, too. I’ve heard RitekP16 is quite good.

You wouldn’t happen to have any… Ritek G05 discs would you?

Not many here buy Ritek media. For a few looks you should check the media testing forum. Ritek has a bad reputation for ruining peoples data over time so you will probably be interested in scans of older Ritek discs… :slight_smile:

Nope no Ritek here I will not use that brand anymore after getting burned badly by the G05’s and
loosing quite a bit of data because of them. :a I just can not and will not trust the Ritek brand any
more no matter how good their reputation might be now or might be latter on. I’m just about to get
the same way as I am about the Ritek’s with the Verbatim’s disc’s and their poor quality as of lately
with the PAP6 Verbatim disc’s. :Z

What is your favorite media now, [B]getit29[/B]?
Maxell MIJ?
Or even… TY?

Well I should have seen the all-so-frequent regurgitation of Ritek’s poor reputation (likely deserved) concerning some older media, coming, but figured my post was specific enough to avoid all that…

Really, I’m just looking for newer 16x scans… That’s it. I’m not a Ritek advocate, but I have had good luck in the past (no, I dont have G05, but a few unbranded G04 that have lasted since 2004, and continue to play fine, as well as several R03 and D01).

Let’s not turn this into a Ritek bashing thead, there’s so many more to feast on! I just haven’t seen any of the newer stuff scanned here, wonder if anyone has gotten their hands on some, I don’t mind being guinea pig :slight_smile:

Ridisc Xtreme 16X +R RITEKP16 written at 16X by a Liteon LH18-A1P. These discs also burn extremely well on the Philips 1648/Benq 1640.


Oops! You can find a scan here:

Are these Ritek media? (Maxell & Fujifilm 16x DVD+R)

Maxell 16x DVD+R is usually RICOHJPN R03 or PRODISC R04.
Fuji 16x DVD+R is usually RITEK F16 or PRODISC R04…

thanks kg_evilboy, so is maxell better out of these two?

Don’t you mean PRODISC R05? I always thought Fuji only used discs that used their Oxolife dye technology :confused:

Oh. My bad… :doh:
Should have been R05.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Ritek could give it away and I would not pay. BTW, have you seen the process for RMA under warranty? They refuse to accept media mail or anything from the USPS. Shipping a few defective discs back through FedEx is more than they are worth.

Ok, what’s the distinction between RitekF16 and RitekP16 - is the “P” professional series? I’ve yet to find any to try.

F1 is their current 16x -R media code. Has it been replaced of late by F16 or something else? I haven’t seen any media code for their 16x -R media on the consumer market other than F1. Under what brands can you find this NEW media?

Just wondering, where did you purchase these discs? :slight_smile:

Off Topic/
My favorite media is still Verbatim as long as it is PAPA stamped instead of PAP6 and then
comes TY. :iagree:
End Off Topic/

I got them from a local shop.
I’m in Cork, Ireland.