Newer ASPI layer 4.7,for CLone CD & ClonyXXL? Is it worth it?

Hi everyone. Both Clone CD, & Clony XXL have installed okay on my Windows 98 First Edition PC. I haven’t used Clone CD yet, but I have used Clony XXL, it’s working fine. As far as I know, I haven’t updated my ASPI layer.
Although I have Nero & NTI CD maker 2000 pro installed, Clony XXL Reports my ASPI layer to be: Version 1.00.1
Now if I wanted to use Clone CD to backup more recent titles like Serious Sam SE, or even older stuff like a Thief rerelease that has ProtectCD VOB & other such titles,will I defintely need to update to ASPI layer 4.7 or above?

What problems might occur? Would I need to reinstall all my burner software again?:confused:
I’d appreciate anyone’s advice please!

You don’t need an aspi layer higher than 4.6 for win98. 4.7 is for xp.

I’ve heard conflicting reports on version 4.6 and 4.7 for XP.I’ve read on several sites that 4.6 is still better for XP and and 4.7 can be problematic.Any thoughts?

As far as ASPI is concerned one should follow the saying :“if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. If you have no problem with it, then it does it’s job and there ain’t no reason bugging the interface.

I am using 4.60 since the beggining with both XP and Me and never had problems with it. Never tried 4.70, never had reason to.

@Hemispasm.Yes, I know all to well the golden windows updating rules.
But I’ve read numerous postings here about the “importance” of updating the ASPI layer, & being a newbie to the whole Clone CD thing, I’m curious to know if actually updating the file will be necessary in regards to Clone CD’s ability to read/backup CD’s properly.

As for the differing version’s I’ve d/l ASPI layer’s 4.6,4.7 & 4.71. The newer 4.70 & 4.71 both claim to be Win 98 1st Edition compatible. Is the general view that they’re more buggy than 4.6?

And by updating, could it potentially render other burning,Windows media Player,& other multimedia S/W inoperable? :confused:

But I’ve read numerous postings here about the “importance” of updating the ASPI layer,
What you have read is by all means untrue. There is nothing important in updating the ASPI layer. Let me explain a few things.

ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) are a bunch of drivers that are needed for certain hardware to communicate with eachother. This kind of software can be already built in in the OS (as in WinXP-2000) or can be installed by the user. Since i have never rendered into any problems with ASPI, i have istalled them in any system i owned up to now.

Now as long as the ASPI layer does its job and you have no problems with your scsi devices, nor with burning - ripping mp3s (where ASPI are also needed), there is no reason at all to update your ASPIs. Newer versions of ASPIs are there to solve some problems that previous versions have cauzed/developed. They will all, at the end of the day, do the same job though. Updating to a newer version of ASPI (while you had no problems with the previous) will not guarantee you won’t run into problems with it. So why experiment?

What people should just do is check now and then whether the ASPI layer is properly isntalled. It is possible that by uninstalling/installing different software that uses the ASPI to work (ie: burning apps) you might f**k up the ASPI layer. This ain’t a problem caused by bad ASPI, it is cauzed by badly installed ASPI. A reinstall usually solves everything. You can check whether the ASPI layer is properly installed in your system with apps like aspicheck (for adaptec).

Conclusion: don’t have to mess/update ASPI if they ain’t cauzing any problem.

clony still doesnt recognize my aspi layer. I installed the 4.7 but clony says “no aspi layer loaded”. What should i do?

Thank you for you advice!
After a check with the Adaptec checker, I found my ASPI layer wasn’t installed properly at all.
I ended up having to delete one of the files manually, & using Force ASPI program to install ASPI layer 4.6.
Made the mistake of reintalling the Nero update & NTI s/w which broght system warnings. After killing the ASPI layer totally & running ASPI again, all seems okay,though I probably better avoid updating Nero too often due to the problems it has wit the Adaptec WNaspi.dll v4.6. Odd really as Nero keeps its own file within the Nero program folder.

FlyingDutchman, find the utility Force ASPI-thank god for that util, it’s the only one to help you if there’s a problem…

Originally posted by H.K. Phooey
FlyingDutchman, find the utility Force ASPI-thank god for that util, it’s the only one to help you if there’s a problem…

Utility force? The ASPI layer is properly installed, its just that clony says that its not loaded. Its weird, clony says that i have 4.7 installed when i go into the “system” part of clony yet it says that not layer is loaded.

Curse my poor grammer!
not “utility force”, “Force ASPI”
Grammer lesson’s never took into account the Internet!!:stuck_out_tongue: