Newer AMD FX Processors - Best to set to full load or leave base set to Idle speed?

I have seen a person who just got an AMD FX and he was saying in CPU-Z and HWINFO that his processor always go down to about 1396 mhz and only go to 3600 mhz when you run program.

I was wondering and so would ask, is there a way to have chip run at full 3600 mhz speed all the time with no other idle setting?

Also, if there is, would it still be better to just leave the settings alone and let the BIOS and processor and Windows 7 handle all of the ups and downs?

Thank you for helping

Processors clock down to conserve energy and produce less heat. Even enthusiasts leave their processors to clock down rather than running at full tilt. To run full tilt is unnecessary, and has been since the feature was introduced long ago now. If the processor load isn’t above a certain amount, there’s little to no benefit to having the processor run at full speed all the time; these tasks are likely so light (such as playing a DVD, casually browsing the Internet, sitting at the desktop, etc) that the increased processor speed would go unnoticed.

I know Windows 7 offers an option in the advanced power settings (where you customize power schemes) that allows you to define the minimum and maximum processor speed (in percentage); whether the setting will be observed in the manner you desire is unknown. But…once again, there’s really no reason to force the clock speed to be at the max at all times.

The motherboard may also have a setting that controls this. This depends on the manufacturer and the decision to implement features in a certain manner.

I find as suggested default settings work best. 5% minimum, 100% maximum power saving setting. If turning off AMD automatic turbo and let it just run at 3600, it actually seems less stuttering happen in video recording and game play / 3d render.