Newegg will offer pickup at their warehouse if you live w/i the vacinity

Newegg will offer pickup at their warehouse if you live within the vacinity, hmmm if I come home often, that would still be 40 miles drive for me and LA traffic is bad.

Sorry, dont know where to post this thread, but some of you neweggers out there might like this idea that they allow you to pick up your item instead of shipping it to you.

You will spend more money on gas then on shipping charges^

I know some of the cdfreakers in here, including myself, sometimes are too eager to have the item the same day, and thus it is a good news

I am hoping they allow to return/exchange defective items this way too, then it is like a Frys electronics to me but a bit farther

Wow this could really benefit some lucky sole that drives by the warehouse.

Smaller items like cables etc that are $10-15 and they want $4 or more to ship, heck even some media now and then that goes on sale.

I live about 10 miles form their NJ warehouse, thats interesting. Thanks.:iagree:

There’s no pickup option in the checkout? Not all items maybe.

Some cheap keyboards cost more for shipping than the item price.

Yup, this is a good option for those who live nearby.

Thanks ghetocowboy] that is a good and worthy news to know. mwave have had this “Walk-In” option for some times and it is about the time for newegg to finally cave in.

Edit : By the way where is it say that “Walk-In” option is also available?.

Yes but you get it as you needed.

Just got this email from newegg:

Newegg offering “Will Call” service at their warehouses? WOW!

Now let me see… where would I rather move to – NJ, TN or CA? :cool:

Hehehe best to move on the other side of the river to West Memphis,Ark instead of
being here in TN. The TAX rate is cheaper on the other side of the river in Ark. here
in TN the base State sales tax is 7% and the base food tax is 6% but then when you
add on the local City/County taxes it goes to 10% sales and 9% food tax here where
I live at and some city’s and county’s tax rates are even higher than here. Over in Ark
the base State sales tax is 6% and I don’t think they have a food tax at all.
[End OT]

Oh that’s right – SALES TAX to pay if you reside in a state where the warehouse is located. I like your idea of living on the best side of the river or state border. :cool:

Guess I’ll stay where I live then and not have to pay sales tax at all…

I shopped at MWAVE before they even have internet, but it was a long drive though, over 10 years ago

Arkansas does have a food tax it went form the 6% to 3 percent when the new governor got elected and changed it. He says that he wants to bring it down to zero but I am sure that will have to wait until next election. They always do things at election time. I am not sure on city and county tax but unless the city or county removed there taxes on food I am sure you will have to pay it.

Now they are in the same neighborhood more or less.

Wow I think they have one warehouse at City of industry…Anyways UPS delivers it in a day…but anyways this is great news!