Newegg Verbatim DVD+R 2.4X DL 10-pack @ $16.99 AR



newegg is back with their sale on Verbatim +R 2.4X DL. 10-pack for $24.99 - $8.00 MIR + free shipping = $16.99. Link here.


this deal is running for weeks already, just that the retabe is so unattractive.


Yup, you betcha… whatever a retabe is…

Yes, I am a smart ass; it’s better than the alternative. /.


Yeah it has been running for a while but it’s good to know that it is still an option. I agree though that the rebate kinda screws the deal for me.


What is wrong with the rabate?


Considering $8 MIR the is not in my opinion that attractive.


Well, lemme put it this way. $8 MIR of a $24 purchase, 33% of the price is rebate, that is one huge rebate and thus not attractive.


Rebates operate on the premise that about 50% of the people will not return them. If the amount of people returning them exceeds that amount then you start seeing rebates mysteriously getting “lost” or better yet, that the “rebate form was improperly filled out and could not be honored.” I’ve been screwed over on enough MIRs in my time to be wary of them. I don’t see them as money in the bank like a number of people do. The other thing is that you won’t see that money for at least 6-8 weeks (possibly more). There is another way to look at it. Retail stores are fairly regular with the 10 for $20+tax deals. So I am looking at about $21 out the door on one of the in store specials. With the newegg deal I am out $25 until the rebate comes back and I have to wait for the discs to arrive. Yeah, waiting for the discs in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal but add it to the rest and it just makes it look unattractive. Anyways, so the net gain after waiting for the MIR (if you get it) is $4. I dunno a gain of $4 after about 2 months of waiting doesn’t really seem worth it to me. On the other hand I could use that extra $4 I saved up front to rent a movie on the same night. Once again, it’s not that these are a bad deal. If you don’t mind playing the rebate game and they honor the rebate it is a pretty good deal. I’m just explaining why some folks won’t buy into it.


Free shipping must just be for the first few days to attract word of mouth sales. Its 4.99 now.


Add $0.39 cent stamp for rebate, now tell me if the deal is still hot??


Not at all. It was “so-so” with free shipping though.


Unattractive, that’s right.

And here’s an ugly one:

NEC ND3550A / 16x8x16x DVD+RW / 16x6x16x DVD-RW DVD Burner and eTrust ISS 2006 Bundle

P.S. The link above is for viewing only. [Don’t even think about ordering!]


Holy schnikes! If they rejected that rebate I would be severly pissed!


if you check out the tigerdirect site, they’ve been bundling that etrust software WITH EVERYTHING and offering huge rebates. great deal if you get them, but they have built in security…

2 of the three rebates rewquire the ORIGINAL UPC. someone please tell me hoe that works?

normally the manufacturer requires the original and the reseller will accept a copy, but you’re mailing rebates in to 2 different manufacturers…


It’s now $8.99 AR, better order quickly before the price changes…

Also saw the Liteon 160P6S for $33.xx shipped, I prefer my Benq but it’s a pretty good drive.


Ordered one. Thank you.

I wonder if this is a Newegg’s mistake or Verbatim lowering wholesale prices.


Damn, that is a hell of a steal. $17 shipped and then $9 if the rebate comes through. Either way you can’t go wrong with that. Glad I held out for this one because I know it won’t last long. Just bought a pack. This came at a great time as my current pack is down to the last couple of discs.


Got one. Thanks.
Although I just received a couple boxes MKM003 retail from Verbatim, I don’t want to pass this. :o


Now it is sweet with $8 instant rebate and free shipping
you also get free Verbatim CD wallet for free, click on the link and make sure you click on the bottom for the CD wallet for free (but you have to pay for shipping). So I did not add the free item since I dont use CD wallet


It says free shipping but when I go to checkout it ads 4.99 for shipping. :frowning: