NewEgg: Verbatim 8.5GB 2.4X DVD+R DL 20 Pack $28.99 shipped

NewEgg has Verbatim 8.5GB 2.4X~6X DVD+R DL 20 Packs for $28.99 shipped. My friend an I ordered 4 spindles two weeks ago when they were $31 shipped and we got MIS for all of them. I am not guaranteeing MIS, I am just saying that they had some in stock. I for on am going to order a couple spindles.

If anyone is interested (I’m guessing no), both spindles were MIS. I received them from the TN warehouse.

el linko

As I’m sure most of us have, I’ve been following any leads to chase down MKM 001 (MIS) media. I’ve been unable to locate any of these up here in Maine in any of the brick & mortar stores since about the beginning of the year. I switched to MKM 003 for online purchases and from what I read, now even some of these are showing up as MII…:a…but so far, I’ve only received MIS.

Anyway, I took a chance and just received 2 spindles of MKM 001 from the egg.
Happily, I can report both are MIS…:clap::cool:

Hopefully, and at least to a certain extent, this was the result of a great deal of negative feedback from irate customers. Maybe newegg has seen the light and perhaps Verbatim is starting to see the light as well.

Anyone received MIS from the Shipping facility in California as of late?