Newegg special on the D/L Verbatims

For those of you who missed the BB sale or simply want more of this great D/L media at a decent price, newegg has their 10 packs of Verbatim D/L DVD+R on sale for $20.99 shipped. Keep in mind that newegg can change their prices at any time so hurry if you are interested.

Newegg is out of stock on the D/L Verbs.

Newegg lists the “Original Price” as $25.99 for these. If that’s really the regular price now, then these things are actually starting to drop.

By the way, CompUSA still has these in-store for $19.99 + tax. I think today is the last day, though. You can check your local store for stock online.

And Microcenter still has them for $19.99 (+shipping), as they have all month long.

Damn, must’ve gone out of stock recently at newegg. As for Microcenter. Yeah, not bad but not much of a difference over newegg’s regular price after factoring in shipping. Definitely will look into compUSA though.

they have the 25 pack ritekJPN00 for 34 shipped. if they work in your burner go for them, i buy those over verbatim anyday for the price

Why would anyone want to buy Ritek DL media?

I concur. No way in hell I would willingly pick Ritek D/L media over verbatim. The results with Ritek are all over the place and compatibility with players, game consoles, ect. is no where near what the Verbatims are. Don’t get me wrong, it is a decent deal for D/L media but IMHO that is like saying that I can get Princos for 3 cents a disc.