Newegg secret sale?

I saw this over at Anandtech forums, apparently the poster there picked up on it at FatWallet. Seems to be legit, I just ordered the 100 TDK 16x DVD-R for $16.99 shipped, no rebate. Are these likely to be the “CMC MAG AM3” or the “TTH02” as shown here?

The deal on the 1TB hard drive for $249 shipped, no rebate, looks pretty good.

Notice that the free ship is not working on the video card. Is this for next friday?

[QUOTE=etp;1933409]Notice that the free ship is not working on the video card. Is this for next friday?[/QUOTE]

This for for today and tomorrow. You have to be a newsletter subscriber for the codes to work.

And the media codes on those should be CMC MAG AM3.

Yep, I am a suscriber and the free ship is not there for the video card. Oh well!:confused:

Quite often, Newegg’s weekend sales event pricing doesn’t become active until 6PM Friday, California time.

The pricing was in effect when I posted the original message. I had just placed an order for the TDK discs 5 minutes before I posted the message here, and the code worked for the discs. If it doesn’t work for the video card, then call Newegg customer service. I can just about guarantee they will set things right for you. Newegg did not gain their reputation by slighting customer service, as many others here can testify.

Everything is at regular price to me. I don’t see anything special

The video card looks good to me!

Ordered it anyway and asked for a credit for free ship.:sad:

The OCZ memory states free ship, but it isn’t. In fact, if you put the coupon code it the website jacks the regular price up $5 and then gives you a credit of $5 for no net savings at all.

The Western Digital 1 TB drive credit works with free shipping though. I’m tempted to get another, but I want to see what the RE2 are priced at and how they perform.

The 100 disc spindle of TDK 16x DVD-R turned out to be “RITEKF1”. This is the first burn on my Samsung 203. Pretty good for a disc that cost 16.99 cents, delivered. If they all turn out this well, I will be looking for a repeat of this sale so I can buy more.


Keep me posted on the new secret sales/thatwas a good one for me/ the card works great and I got my credit