Newegg scam with my Toshiba burner



I bought a Toshiba SD-R5372 which has been garbage all around and since it is past 30 days Newegg won’t give me my money back. So I tried to write a review of it a half dozen times and no matter how tactful I am they won’t accept a negative review and admitted in email that their reviews are only marketing tools. I followed all parameters they list for reviews. Luckily this site has reviews so I can get real info but I wish I was here before they ripped me off. So beware if you rely on their site for product information they don’t let even mild critcism through.


Buyers beware when purchasing from NewEgg. They USED to have good prices.


Sorry to hear you had a problem. Did you try complaining to your credit card company?
But as far as writing a bad review thats been know for awhile with newegg. But they do have good prices and CS when you stick to the guide lines.
I had a problem with a $100 (USD) rebate for a cellphone in which I lost the receipt and the cs took care of it and they sent me my money, so for me I’ve been very happy with them.


Newegg they are known to their good business practice and excellent customer service. Some times we are unreasonably asking for too much. All the computer components regardless whom you buy it from carries 14-30 days the right of return by customer and some outfit even charge %15 stocking fee within 14 days also. I have dealt with newegg for the last 5 years and have experienced nothing but excellence. In one case I purchased a $200 video card for my son, which went bad after 2 months when I RMAed back to newegg I was refunded full price. You should call Toshiba if you have a problem with the Drive since there is one-year warranty for that.

BTW: if you decide to call Toshiba for help then you begin to appreciate newegg service. Also if you read the statement under each component for sale in newegg there is indication some time that this item only warrenty under the manufacturer.


I do not understand your reasoning.
How can you consider this “a scam”?
You had 30 days to return the drive if desired, and you failed to do so.
There is no reason to be angry with newegg just because they follow their own return policies, which are clearly published on their website.

About consumer reviews: They have the right to approve or deny any content submitted in consumer reviews, it is their website after all !
This surely cannot be considered “a scam”…


Yes I realize I blew my chance at getting my money back and didn’t question that policy. I should have dumped that garbage drive at the first chance instead of wasting my time with firmware updates, emails to tech support, different media and different jumper settings. The scam is the review system is bogus because THEY ONLY ALLOW POSITIVE ONES. I followed their stated rules for writing reviews and they reject them. I can’t even put one sentence saying it is very poor in my opinion. The scam is every product has ratings from “real customers” but of course only real customers who say positive things. Just like “movie reviewers” who praise crap movies because they are paid to do so.


Newegg has always had excellent service for me and the prices are good. I would do as stated above and return it to the manufacturer.


Try to be atleast honest to your self, thousand and thousand people day and night they are dealing with newegg without any complains, also every one knows that the negative comments also are included in users review then why you are the only that they treat you different and block you in putting your review on the drive you purchased?.

BTW: Oviously they can’t win them all and have no dissatisfaction customer, after all they are human being and any comapny has some dissatified customer or even customers, but within reasonable persentage which their rating shows that is the case. Look for their cosumer rating in the following link; to your surprise they are the number one among companies with consumers satisfaction


In the past Newegg bent over backwards to take care of their customer. These days they are sticking more to their terms of service. From now on, it would behoove the customer to take notice of the time limits and the referrence to manufacturer warranty only.

Even though they may have dropped a few points on a scale of 1-100, they are still massivly ahead of any other online store, as well as most bricks and mortar.


I am not saying they are only blocking me. I am saying their review system is a scam for everyone. If you or anyone had a bad product from them I believe they would not accept your negative review as well. Your English doesn’t seem so clear but you think I am making it up that they blocked my reviews?

Dear Valued Customer,

We appreciate your business and thank you for your product
review. moderates products reviews to ensure that all
commentary complies with our Submission Guidelines. Because we
receive 500-1000+ product reviews each day, it is essential to
screen customers’ analysis to make certain inappropriate content
is never posted to our website. Our product review Submission
Guidelines have been provided below for your reference.

PRODUCT REVIEW SUBMISSION GUIDELINES moderates all review submissions to ensure that only
reviews that offer helpful insight are published.*

What to include in your submission:
-Experiences with a fully-functional product leading to
perceived pros and cons**
-Thoughts about the product’s feature-set as you’ve experienced

What NOT to include in your submission:
-Profanity, obscenity and other offensive language
-Single-word reviews
-Non product-specific reviews
-Any mention of’s competitors by name
-URLs, specific pricing, and specific availability (or other
time-sensitive information)
-Experiences with a DOA, defective, damaged or otherwise
semi-functional product**
-Reviews that criticize the brand or reseller without a majority
of the review offering product-specific insight

* reserves the right to accept or reject any review in
its sole and absolute own discretion
**DOA’s (Dead On Arrival) are an unavoidable aspect of any
business model that involves direct shipment to customers.
Please understand that ships only products it assumes
to be functional and that any defective product you may have
received was either damaged in transit or was anomalous.

Unfortunately your review was deemed unsuitable by our site
moderators. Because your critique is important to the
community, we wanted to give you the opportunity to look over
your review so that you may remove any objectionable content and
resubmit it for posting. Please also make certain you do not use
any of the following words or symbols: Select, Insert, Update,
Delete, Drop or --.

Your experiences with our products lend valuable insight to all
visitors to our site. We look forward to reading and
subsequently posting your revised review. If you have any
questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.


Not allowed to be specific but it is Overall Very Poor in my

Kindest regards, Customer Care
PHONE: 1-800-390-1119


They have accepted negative reviews from me in the past but it appears that they have tightened up. The best way to look at this is with a sense of humor. Some things that are censored border on the ridiculous.

My favorite censor block is a public school computer where I can enter the phrase “Teacher of the Year” and when I search for the image I get blocked. The reason listed is “pornography”.


Sense of humor?

I’m with OP.

It used to be that if NewEgg was within a few bucks of someplace cheaper, I would use NewEgg because of their commitment to CS.

Now if they really are doing this - discouraging negative reviews, well that is indicative of NE starting to go bad. I don’t see why more people aren’t seeing it that way?


I have a better sense of humor when I am not the one losing money or getting a junk product. It seems like it would be illegal to only allow positive reviews and yet not warn that they do that upfront.


I try to use if possible. It’s a small outfit that will work with you to obtain the best price. The selection can be very limited with some items.