Newegg Samsung 19" Monitor LNT1954H

339.99 with free shipping. Anyone have any experience with this as a computer monitor?

It has pc inputs, but it’s labeled as an HDTV. I honestly see no reason to buy this product in comparison to cheaper, better and larger alternatives. A TN panel with 8ms is quite awful imo. Is there something I should know about this product so that it doesn’t look like a huge waste of money to me?

Yeah, that’s an HDTV. You could buy a dedicatd PC monitor of the same size for about half that much, or for the same money, buy one that’s bigger with a better contrast ratio, response time, etc.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll keep looking for a monitor.

hey virgusa, take a look at the high definition models, 1920x1200, the prices are really sweet. Link

Make sure you take a look at the different connections available, some have HDMI, some don’t even have DVI. Whatever works best for your setup.

Also response time given is gray to gray, which means very little in respect to color response time. There was a web site that did an indepth review with color response time but I haven’t seen it in a while. The results were pretty bad on most LCD’s, I bet big companies paid them off to stop doing those reviews. lol.