Newegg sale benq 1650

free shipping

You forgot to mention the price.

$35.99, free shipping, OEM, black, Benq 1650.

Thanks for the tip. It will be delivered on monday. Any tips on which firmware to flash it with or any other helpful tips would be great. I’ll have to swing by the Benq forum for awhile. I haven’t bought a Benq since my 1620 and it still pumps out great burns.

mines coming monday also, the latest firmware is BCFC and people have been posting for a while now that their drives have come with BCFC already loaded, so you most likely wont have to flash your drive until the next firmware.

This is a really good deal!

Can someone tell me if this drive is good overall? I’ve read countless posts that it is good but many that it has problems. Is there a good summary of pros/cons for this drive?

I’m a poor college student who just needs the drive to burn DVD data cds and occasionally a DVD movie. BTW, I have 100 TY -R 8x media and 50 TY +R 8x media. Is this drive friendly to TY media? :bigsmile:

Hopefully someone will input an opinion, and I will purchase tomorrow =)

I don’t think you can go wrong with a BenQ/TY combination. I got a 1655 (1650 with Lightscribe) from Newegg for $50. You will not be sorry you spent $36 on this drive. It rips and burns CD’s like you would not believe. Check out the BenQ Forum for more details.

Hey is only $36 which you can’t buy a decent dinner for one with it, just go ahead buy it and try yourself. Benq is not a bad drive.

I just noticed you are using B7VD f/w with your 1620 in your sig? Or is that really B7V9?

Your sig:
Liteon 1673@1693- KSOA
Benq 1620 B7VD
2 Liteon 52246S-6SOD
Liteon 48125W-VSOB
Liteon 24102B-5SOF
BTC 1016IM- AO89 #2
Liteon 1693-KSOB

Nice Catch! I must of typed it wrong, its been like that forever.

It made me go look at BenQ 1620 page to find new f/w :bigsmile:

does anyone know if they ship to the uk?

I hope it burns well, I bought one and had to send it back today, AT MY EXPENSE :a very poor burn quality with high quality media. Large PIF spikes and high PIE totals with TYG02 YUDEN T002 & VERBATIM MCC 004 @ 8x and 12x burn speeds. Nothing like the the 1655,I/O Magic rebadges, I own 2 of them and they are perfect, I crossflashed one of them to a 1650 and it has excellent quality burns with the same media I used for the drive from newegg. So I saved nothing on this sale because of the return shipping $6.66. I also remember Sportfish had similar problems with a 1650 from newegg.

Would this be a significant upgrade from my Plextor PX-740 (rebadged Benq 1640)?

you’d probably get it cheeper here, when you add on the shipping to the UK, cause that won’t be free, i got the £20 philips from SVP and cross flashed it to a 1650 for £25 delivered.


Was it hard to crossflash?

Did this leave you with a fully fuctional BenQ that is able to quality scan using cd/dvd speed?

Can you link or pm me some info on the crossflash process?

Thanks in advance

Hi MOD.IT :slight_smile:

I have the Philips 1660, which I successfully crossflashed to a BenQ DW1650 using this thread as guide. Follow the instructions to the letter.

And yes, it now quality scans very nicely. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Arachne, I want a decent scanner, just the info I needed :slight_smile: