Newegg out of BenQs DVD burners!

Hey Newegg has been out of BenQ DVD burners for the past week!!! What gives! Now that I am about to buy one, their out of stock! Grrrr!!! :a

I know there are other vendors out there that I can buy from but I like buying from Newegg.

Where did you guys buy your benq 1620?


I saw the same thing so I ordered mine from last week and got it on monday. Look through this forum a little more. Someone else mentioned there are some rebadged benq drives on newegg, I just forgot the manufacturer name. If you order from MWave like I did, their shipping seems pretty quick. I ordered Mine last friday and got it on Monday with the cheapest shipping. I was pretty impressed. Their shipping is a little steep though.

Thanks for the reply matyou98. I am new to the benq forums and have been a long time LiteOn supporter but this time I on gonna get a benq drive…mainly because of it’s quality burns on dvd. I have about 150 TaiyoYuden TY02 blanks and my liteon 411s is burning horribly with these media and I don’t want them to go to waste!

I saw the rebadged benq 1620, by Nu. I prefer to stick with the non-rebadge benq.


hey marv:
this retail drive at newegg is reported to be a benq…

also you may want to try retail stores for the rebadged benq1620. they can be easly had for $60.00. look for posts on who makes what.

Here is the OEM Benq drive I ordered
They are still in stock.

@cmienko: That is the drive I ordered. Should be a BenQ from what I can tell from The Firmware Page and I know others reported it as being a BenQ when they got it so unless Nu Technology changed something drastic just recently it shoudl be a BenQ. :wink:

If you have TY02 + media - then go for the Liteon.
I have a Sony DW-D18A, which I upgraded the firmware to become Sony DRU 700A
and the burns I get on TY + media are pretty much as good as you can get.
Lite-on makes the Sony burners. heard that their NEC branded ones are good for - media too. just another option , esp if you have had a lite-on before… why go to benq ? :wink:

nice to be able to put another rebadge into the lineup when people are looking for 1620’s :iagree:

The NU Tech costs $62 now, it was $55 a day ago. It must be flying of the shelf.

$74.99 with free shipping at Retail boxed DW1620 with beige and black bezels.

In the Low Lands (.nl) :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :slight_smile: :cool:

Because a BenQ is just plain better - that’s why!

Awesome deal agent009! Nice Retail box with both color bezels and free shipping! Just ordered me one! :slight_smile: Free super saver shipping but it says estimated shipping date will be Jan 24th. But there’s also a little not saying will ship in one day. I hope it ships sooner that the 24th because I’m really anxious to burn some quality dvds.

Thanks again!

All drive should perform excellent with TYT02…

really can see that the BenQ is very hot in US…in singapore…its all sold out…in most shops…

looking for it is a real hunt…lol…

Hey eleewhm, I see that you have the DW1620Pro.

What’s the difference between the DW1620Pro and the regular DW1620?

Retail Beige
Retail Black
OEM Black
OEM Beige

They offer 2 days free shipping via fedex

Only the initial firmware that comes with the pro model. Once a BenQ DW1620 drive has B7P9 firmware or newer on it (for the retail version), or has G7P9 firmware on it (for the OEM version), it’s the same drive as the pro version.

@marv117…socrates is right…1620Pro is just a firmware version different from the 1620A

Someone actually came on the BenQ forum bragging about a Lite-On because of ONE media type? Hmmmmm, no comment. :slight_smile: