Newegg has the BDR-2208 but says BDR-208UBK is included in the box. HELP

I want to buy something now but now not so sure.
I want the BDR-2208 and nothing else, I don’t want the BDR-208UBK in the box. If you look at the overview of this burner it says Pioneer BDR-2208 but says it includes BDR-208UBK. On the pioneer website it does not mention the BDR-208UBK. It mentions only the BDR-208DBK. It’s only the BDR-2208 that supports BD-XL not the BDR-208UBK or the BDR-208DBK.

So what am I buying here ?

The BDR-2208 is just the name of the package; inside of these retail boxes, you would always get a normal drive that didn’t identify as the fancy packaging name. If what Newegg says is accurate, you’ll get a BDR-208 model capable of BD-XL.

BTW, there are many worldwide model designations Pioneer uses for the same drive, depending on region, features, etc. There’s the 208M, the 208E, the 208U…the list goes on, but that particular grouping supports BD-XL. :slight_smile: [They don’t all necessarily use the same firmware, but should you ever need a firmware update, it’s not impossible to figure out which one you need once you have the drive installed].

So I am getting a BDR-2208 then, On the pioneer website:

The BDR-2208 on the front faceplate say BDXL in white and also say the pioneer name in white. The BDR-208 front is all black. If it’s the same drive then why would pioneer list put BDR-2208 and BDR-208 as separate drives ?

Look at this post and read post #6 and #7

BDR-2208: retail package for U.S. (maybe North America in general?). The “BDR-2208” in and of itself is the BDR-208M/E/U, and if you order a “BDR-2208”, you get that drive & software. The “BDR-2208”-packaged drive may come with some premium features compared to some of the lineup. But the important thing is that you’d get a BDXL capable drive from the BDR-208 line.

BDR-208: separate drive in the 208 line, maybe with software (depending on vendor), OEM (not retail) package, no BDXL support

BDR-208M/E/U: separate drive(s) in the 208 line, maybe with software (depending on vendor & locale), OEM (not retail) package, BDXL support.

BDR-208D: separate drive, differs from the 208 in DVD-RAM support, no BDXL support.

etc etc etc

They are all models from the 208 line, but some have support for BDXL (and/or DVD-RAM, and/or premium features), whereas others don’t. The 2208 package has a different (more feature-rich) drive than the basic 208D. It depends on if you are purchasing a retail package, or a basic OEM package with little more than a bare drive. The different drives/packages are marketed for different needs and different markets.

Except for the few differences, they all share the same features and should share the same quality. Same family, same line, slightly tweaked.

I understand what you mean now, So basically I got the BDR-208 but when you add all the bells and whistles it makes it a BDR-2208 then.

Indeed. :slight_smile:

On the off hand chance I ever need to rip a Blu-ray, will the BDR-2208 allow me to rip one ? I’ve heard that some pioneer’s had riplock from what I’ve read here on this forum. thanks

Yes. Rip-lock just means that the process will be slower because…well, actually, I will let you read up on all the different things involved in the ripping process once you reach that point. But yes, you can still use it to back up a Blu-ray movie.

In addition to what Albert said, if they follow the same pattern as for the BDR-207 family (which is quite likely I would think) then, name and packaging aside, the BDR-2208 and BDR-208EBK/UBK models should all be completely identical in HW and FW terms (all 3 models using the same kernel/firmware) …

[B]A search before[/B] would have had explained all that a lot faster…