NewEgg has Plextor 740a(Benq dw1640 oem)



$79.99 plus $4.00 shipping


**This item is warranted through the product manufacturer only. <
Same warranty as the BenQ 1620W…


You shouldn’t draw a conclusion based on that alone.

Refer to NewEgg’s DVD Burner section

65 burners listed. Of which, the following indicates the number of their drive sold as “This item is warranted through product manufacturer only”:

0/4: AOpen
4/4: ASUS
4/5: BenQ
0/1: HP
0/1: LaCie
4/4: LG
0/6: LiteOn
1/1: Memorex
0/9: NEC
0/1: Optorite
1/1: Pacific Digital
2/2: Pioneer
8/8: Plextor
0/2: Rosewill
2/4: Samsung
3/3: Shuttle
2/6: Sony
0/1: TEAC
2/2: Toshiba

So, if that warning / message were to mean something, then it would imply to avoid the following drives: ASUS, BenQ, LG, Memorex, Pacific Digital, Pioneer, Plextor, Shuttle, Toshiba … and some of the Samsung and Sony models. A bit ridiculous if that were the case.

Thus … you can’t judge a drive on that alone. Just my humble $.02. :slight_smile:


Thanks ninbang, honestly, that makes me feel better about the 1640… :bow:


Anyway, if you were to get a dead drive, newegg would replace it (right?) as long as its within their time period. Who would expect newegg to accept a drive after 3+ months have passed, I wouldn’t.

still, $84, is not competitivly priced like plex once said it would be :a


It’s competitively priced when compared to the 716A… Compared to the rest of the world is a different story.