NewEgg has BenQ1655 OEM for 49.99

I have been waiting for the 1650 but at that price how can i go wrong? Or do you think they are pushing these out because the 1650 is coming out soon, I know that ncix in canada has them already. Mt dilema is that I dont need LS and don’t know how easy/dangerous it woulld be to flash the 1655 to 1650. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks :confused:

i don’t see the point in flashing 1655 to 1650. the price is good, i would get one.

I have to agree. I own a 1655, I have zero interest in LightScribe, and I just ignore it. Why in blue blazes would you need to crossflash the drive to get rid of the capability? How could it possibly hurt having the capability and ignoring it?

the only thing i can think of 1655 is, it has laser turn on ALL the time, something will be burnt eventually, right?

i don’t think that the laser starts writing a label by itself.

cossflashing/downgrading may switch off the red lightscribe light red light that’s always on, but i wouldn’t downgrade even if i was sure i’ll never use lightscribe.