NewEgg DW1620Pro $58.50 shipped



OEM version - no rebates

Biege $58.50 shipped

Black $60.50 shipped


With all the trouble people been having with rebadges that would be a good deal to get the PRO.
Edit: Except for spryfly. Those are OEM Pro’s


mine was a retail …


The Beige OEM model is now 52.99 with free shipping.


The beige non-pro Retail version is for $57 with rebate+free shipping :wink:
planning to buy it for a friend.

I presume it can be firmware upgraded to a Pro. right ?


Yes, it can be upgraded via firmware to the Pro model. But there’s something here I don’t understand. You’re going to pay $67 instead of $53, and then wait several months for a $10 rebate (hopefully). You must really need the software in the retail box, is all I can think of.


It’s about time newegg got them back in stock. I’m sure they lost a few potential sales for not having it in stock for about a month. Tsk Tsk.


If you buy the oem and cross-flash the firmware to a retail one, you give up your warranty. With all the talk of bad drives, keeping the warranty might not be a bad idea. That and an extra faceplate is enough for me.


look at this picture in this link - it shows a black face plate - 2 pieces. what is that for? will installing that on face of drive will make it black colored drive?
is installing this face plate on benq 1620 easy? anyone done it?


I’m not sure it would void your warranty. I got a bulk version which looks just like an OEM version and it came with B firmware.


I remember reading that some people had bought oem versions that came with retail firmware. They got lucky. But if you get a drive with G firmware and flash it with B firmware, you are modifying your drive. If something goes wrong, you shouldn’t RMA your drive. I know that some people don’t agree with me about this, but I do believe that is the policy here at cdfreaks.


Yes, it’s easy. The one piece (the smaller one) slides onto the front of the drawer itself. The other piece is mounted to the front of the drive (ie, the main border around the drawer).


Both of mine have been rebadged or bulk drives. No problems here whatsoever. In fact, I’m getting ready to sell my Nu Technology DDW-163 to a co-worker since I really don’t need it and it’s just a spare drive. No point in letting it sit around and rot when I can sell it for $40 and give someone a good cheap DVD Burner. :wink: