Newegg deals on Verbatim DL and 8X +R *REBATES INVOLVED*

newegg has some pretty good deals on Verbatim DL and 8X +R discs as long as you don’t mind rebates. My success rate with Verbatim rebates has been 100%.

10-pack of DL for $20.99 - $8.00 MIR + $4.99 shipping = $17.98. Link here.

50-disc cakebox of 8X +R for $18.99 - $8.00 MIR + free shipping = $10.99. Link here.

the 8X +R are the shiny surface Verbatim, they are not branded, could pretty well be prodisc brand using MCC03. I had prodisc before with this MID under prodisc Name. But please put Rebate in the title

Already fixed. :wink:

Is title editing a mod only thing?

After a certain period of time I believe that only mods/admins can do it.