NewEgg deals - Jan 12-13, 2013



NewEgg’s put a 3Tb Seagate up for $140. This is pre-Flood retail pricing but it’s the Model STBD3000100, not the DM001s that we’ve used by the score with success in RAID5s. Still, 7200 and SATA3.

Zalman has moved out of just cases and coolers, and is offering a 24" monitor (1920x1080, not the good x1200) for $120. VESA holes but no height adjustments. VGA & DVI only. And those powerful 2w speakers. Yeah. Right. (Why didn’t they save that 14-cents and not bother with speakers at all? Paper cups with string between them offer almost as much fidelity.)


There is also a Cooler Master 850W 80Plus Gold certified PSU that is $99 after rebate. The reviews are fairly decent for it for the most part.


The STBV3000100 models are down to $120 with free shipping with their $10 coupon code now:

Seagate Expansion 3TB USB 3.0 Black Desktop Hard Drive STBV3000100


2013 and the hard drive above 4tb still vapor ware while they struggle to tweak the 4.5tb hard drives… then onto variants of HAMR. Who knows how much you’ll be able to trust these drives’ reliability-- big wild card.