Newegg Cyber Monday media buys

Newegg has included a few sales on blank media for Cyber Monday.

100 TDK -R 16x disks for $13.99 and free shipping

I know, :Z.

15pk Memorex BD-R 4x 25gb disks for $29.99 and free shipping

20ct Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x disks for $19.99, free shipping included.

Edit: apologies to gruggs, who already started a thread showing the TDK disks sale

Grabbed some of the Verb DLs with 10% cashback.

Cancelled my NewEgg order and went with the Amazon deal for 8x discs instead.

$19.99 for 20 DVD+R DL discs. it’s very hard to beat that price and the best thing is NO REBATES :slight_smile:

if there’s anytime to buy people, it’s NOW.

That is a decent price for the Verb DL discs but that is about the only thing
I’ve seen on the Cyber Monday sales that was worth buying. Every E-tailer
I’ve checked so far has nothing worth writing home about in their so called
sales that I would consider being on sale and worth buying. This is the worse
Cyber Monday that I’ve seen in a while for getting what I would call some real
deal bargains. I guess it has something to do with the economy and the companys
bottom line dollar this year. :sad:

hoping to see some sort of deal on BD-r 50 gig.

Maybe in my next life???

Any thoughts?