sell 1213S... and suggestion about my 832S



I see now sell 1213S for about $101…
I just buy a 832S from newegg a RMA it for repair…
Should I just refund it and buy 1213S

Also seems from many places said, 1213S is not a really good drive…
maybe firmwire problems…

Should I just get the 1213S instead of 832S… because it have a chance to upgrade to 1216S… :confused:


Don’t count on a 1213S -> 1613S upgrade just yet. :stuck_out_tongue: There are a lot of unknowns, and at the moment, that should be considered onyl as speculation.

Right now, it looks like the 3S firmwares are far from mature and are rather problematic. Whether or not these issues will be resolved is unknown. We all hope that LiteOn will fix the problems in the time to come, but we don’t have a crystal ball, and we have no idea how successful they will be.

So my recommendation? If you’re brave, get it. But otherwise, there are just too many unknowns right now and it’s a risky course of action as a result.


Thank you for your quick reply.
Yes, 1213S seems is very problematic.
Also, I am quiet satistify about 832S, I’d better keep it~